When does a person find true love?

True love - many people strive for it, others wonder what constitutes true love, how you can recognize it and whether it really exists. We get to the bottom of the matter and clarify the question: Is there true love?

How do you know true love?

True love can be recognized by some characteristics. When is it true love? You can find them all here Signs of true love at a glance.

  • True love is unconditional
  • Mutual trust
  • freedom
  • attention
  • respect
  • dedication

1. True love is unconditional

True love is also unconditional love. He who truly loves does not make any conditions in the relationship. The partnership is not based on expectations of the other. When you have found true love, you will quickly notice that you do not expect specific things from your partner. You don't want to change the other and love him * her as he * she is. With all the strengths and weaknesses.

2. Mutual trust

This deep connection also implies trust. Only when you have faith in one another can you truly love. In real love, your wishes and needs are in the foreground. You trust your partner so much that you don't think about how you will affect them. You show the real you.

3. Freedom

It is a common misconception that relationships rob us of our freedom. Because of this assumption, many also develop, for example, a fear of attachment. True love means freedom. Those who have found true love will enable their partner to be free and to do what is important to them. To love also means letting go and trusting that he * she will come back.

4. Attention

True love cannot come about without attention. In a partnership that is based on real love, you listen to your partner and take an interest - even if that's not always easy. Over time, you will even get a feel for your partner's feelings and thoughts. You will notice when he * she is doing badly and when it is good and what the reason is.

5. Respect

In general, everyone should be treated with respect. Often, however, we don't do this because of certain behavior patterns. Respect is often underestimated, especially in relationships. But we have no respect, we don't appreciate the other person and we take them for granted. When we have found true love, we meet people on an equal footing. Respect is essential in love.

6. Devotion

Those who truly love are not afraid to give themselves completely to their partner. This doesn't mean that your requirements should come last. But for true love one is also ready to practice renunciationwhen the other is better off with it.

How does true love come about?

Have you never experienced true love first hand? You might even be wondering if true love really does exist? You are not alone with these thoughts. Important is: True love takes time. It is not there overnight. True love arises from your initial connection and grows larger over time. But already in the getting to know you phase or in the early relationship stage you can tell whether you are about to find true love. These signs can give it away:

  • You understand each other partly without big words
  • You are familiar with each other
  • You find each other attractive and your relationship is very passionate
  • You treat each other with respect
  • You show mutual tolerance
  • You don't feel any fears, worries or doubts

Can true love arise from friendship?

The question of whether true love can arise from friendship is legitimate. After all, it takes time to develop. So it may well be possible that a friendship will develop into true love. Couples therapists also agree: You can start relationships without being in love. Friendships are based on trust, respect, and devotion. If physical attraction then comes into play, over time you can already speak of real love. If the latter is omitted, it is more likely a platonic love. That's a big difference.

Who is my true love

Especially at times when we are feeling lonely or longing to be close, we think about whether we will ever find our true love and who will take the role of that true love. Well, in order to be able to give a concrete answer here, we would have to look into a glass ball or read coffee grounds. To put it a little more concretely, it can be said who your true love is:

  • The person who is more important to you than everyone else around you.
  • The person who makes you feel like you are perfect for who you are. Who doesn't want to change you and loves you unconditionally.
  • The person you never want to miss. That you can imagine spending the rest of your life with.
  • You are hardly attracted to anyone else and only feel connected to your partner.

Is there only one true love in life?

Even if true love is something exclusive and in most cases only exists between two people, there is not only one true love in life. You are able to truly love different people in your life. Whether you lose your true love through a stroke of fate or the relationship breaks up for other reasons - it is not the end. In the course of life you change yourself and with it your needs. You grow and prosper, in the worst case you may even experience separation pain. But you should never lose hope of finding true love - if you only want to.

True love: what's so special about it?

Why do most people strive to find true love? Because it is something special and can immensely enrich our everyday life. We already know that real love survives everything, is exclusive and we can draw strength from it. But what else does it bring with it? And can this addiction become toxic at some point? There will always be arguments, misunderstandings, jealousy or other conflicts - even if you are with the man of your dreams. But what is special: none of this can harm us if our partner love is true. The person by our side not only gives us happiness, but also the emotional stability that we need in everyday life and that shows us: We are lovable and irreplaceable.

Is True Love Worth Striving For?

True love sounds consistently positive at first. But is this form of partner love desirable for every human being? That depends on your personal dreams and your own understanding of happiness. Many people simply do not want to commit themselves and are therefore not looking for their dream man or woman, whom they truly want to love. So be sure to listen to your heart to find out if you are longing for true love.

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