Is ExpressVPN good for Kodi

ExpressVPN Review (2021) - A fast VPN provider

ExpressVPN Not only is anonymity capitalized, it also advertises being the fastest VPN provider on the internet. In the ExpressVPN test, we clarify whether the provider can score with security and speed.


ExpressVPN offers servers in 148 countries, all common encryption protocols and a high level of security. ExpressVPN encrypts with AES 256 bit, which is known to be unbreakable. This means that no external person can analyze and read out the data stream. The provider uses a secure OpenVPN variant to encrypt the traffic. ExpressVPN also does not record any user data.

In contrast to the provider "Private Internet Access" (here for the test), the company is not based in the USA, but on the British Virgin Islands. As a result, ExpressVPN is not required to work with US authorities.

ExpressVPN offers its own apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. DNS servers are also offered for devices that do not generally support a VPN facility - e.g. Smart TVs or game consoles. The apps are consistently clear and easy to configure.


ExpressVPN with automatic server selection impresses with a powerful download of up to 79.4 Mbit / s. The upload is also decent at 8.6 Mbit / s, but only above average. Establishing a connection to the countless servers is still acceptable in 10 seconds. All in all, with ExpressVPN you can watch video streams without any problems - even in Ultra HD (4K).

The connection to services such as Netflix is ​​also supported and works smoothly. No IP address was blocked by ExpressVPN in the test - a big advantage.

A total of five devices can be connected to the service at the same time.


ExpressVPN starts at $ 8.32 a month with a 12 month plan. This corresponds to € 7.10. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered. This means that the price is within a solid framework. Due to the high security and performance standard, the provider is slightly more expensive than other VPN services.

In addition to PayPal and all major credit cards, you can also pay anonymously using Bitcoin.


ExpressVPN convinces not only with a high level of security and a very large selection of servers worldwide. The speed is also really impressive considering the unbreakable encryption. It's not for nothing that ExpressVPN calls itself the fastest VPN provider - only a few services can keep up in terms of performance.

Thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, we recommend the 1-year plan, which is the cheapest option at € 7.10 per month. Every common platform such as Windows, Android and iOS is covered and streaming videos is possible without any problems.


  • Very high speed
  • Large server selection
  • Secure encryption
  • No logging of user data
  • Manual setup thanks to DNS