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Michael Stephan, GDF Suez Energie Deutschland AG

02.1967 Family: Married, two children Honorary position: Member of the Federal Energy Commission of the CDU Economic Council, member of the BDEW steering group “Energy and Environmental Policy”. From 2001 he has been in charge of the legal and human resources departments at GDF Suez Energie Deutschland in Berlin. In 2003 he was appointed a member of the board and was responsible for the legal & IT department in addition to finances. He also has various other functions. In addition to the position of managing director at several subsidiaries of GDF Suez Energie Deutschland, he also holds various supervisory board mandates at municipal energy providers. Career highlights: 1) The first ten years as CFO at GDF Suez are characterized by development work, which in particular involves a large number of M&A transactions. These include, for example, investments in several municipal utilities. 2) Acquisition of two old and construction of a new, highly efficient hard coal power plant as well as the acquisition of a portfolio of wind turbines 3) Since the energy transition, GDF Suez has switched from the build-up to the consolidation phase, while CFO Stephan also drives cost optimization programs. MORE about the person

Dr. Marc Spieker, E.on SE

Dr. Marc Spieker E.on SE Name: Dr. Marc Spieker Company: E.on SE Department: Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting & Controlling, Legal & Compliance, Taxes, Business Service Finance, Exploration & Production, Purchasing & Real Estate Management Position: CFO since April 2017 Education: Degree in business administration with a doctorate at the Scientific University for Management in Koblenz. Meanwhile, Spieker spent a semester in Madrid. Additional MBA from the University of Texas. Birthday: 07.07.on. In 2004 he switched to the Swedish subsidiary Sydkraft as controller. Two years later he returned to Germany to join the group management. There he was responsible for corporate planning and controlling of group activities in Scandinavia, England, the USA as well as global trading activities as department head for several years until he switched to E.on España as CFO for one year in 2011. In 2012 Spieker returned to Düsseldorf and became Head of Investor Relations before taking on responsibility for the Uniper spin-off in 2014. There he is responsible for the management of all topics from the carve-out of the Uniper business to the financial and accounting structuring and implementation of the transaction on the capital market. Most recently, in 2016, he filled the position of CFO for renewable energies before he was appointed to the E.on Board of Management in January 2017, where he will take the place of CFO from April 2017. In late summer 2019, his contract will be extended to 2024. Career highlights: 1) In March 2017, E.on raised a capital. The group places 200 million new shares with institutional investors, taking in 1.35 billion euros. “The capital increase is the first step in the implementation of our 7 billion euro package, with which we will quickly and consistently reduce our debt to around 20 billion euros,” comments Spieker. 2) In March 2018, E.on and RWE agree to fillet Innogy: E.on will receive the network business and the end-customer business areas from Innogy, RWE will receive the renewable energy divisions from E.on and Innogy as well as a 16.6 percent stake in E.on. It is one of the largest German M&A deals of all time. 3) In August 2019, E.on made its debut on the green finance market under Marc Spieker: The group placed two green bonds with a total value of 1.5 billion euros, in individual tranches even at negative interest rates. MORE about the person

Klaus Schäfer, Uniper SE

Klaus Schäfer Uniper SE Name: Klaus Schäfer Company: Uniper SE Department: Chairman of the Management Board Position: CEO since January 2016 Education: From 1988 to 1993 studied business administration in Passau and at the ESCP School of Management in Paris, Oxford and Berlin. In 1993, Schäfer graduated with a degree in business administration, international management, accounting and finance, auditing and taxation. Birthday: June 10th, 1996 he changes to the group controlling of the E.on predecessor company Viag, where he becomes deputy head of the group controlling in 2000. After the merger with Veba, he headed E.on’s corporate strategy for around three years before he was appointed commercial director of the Munich-based subsidiary Thüga in 2003. In 2006, Schäfer took over the chairmanship of E.on Sales & Trading, and from 2007 to 2010 he was CEO of E.on Italia. In 2010, Schäfer will be CEO of E.on Ruhrgas and, from 2011, also of E.on Energy Trading. He is also CEO of the subsidiary E.on Global Commodities. In September 2013 he succeeded Marcus Schenck as CFO of the energy company. As part of the spin-off of the conventional power generation business into the sister company Uniper, Schäfer will take over as CEO of Uniper at the beginning of 2016. In August 2018, Schäfer fell ill with cancer and withdrew from the Uniper tip for the duration of the treatment. Career highlights: 1) In 2016, Schäfer, as E.on CFO, will manage the spin-off of the conventional power generation business from E.on into the newly formed subsidiary Uniper, which will then be listed on the stock exchange as an independent company. Investors are won over by the equity story of the new company, which Schäfer will manage: If the Uniper share starts at a price of around 10 euros, it will start to rise quickly. At a price of 22 euros per share, E.on finally sells its Uniper share package of 46.7 percent to the Finnish Fortum in spring 2018. But as a result, the share price also rises significantly above this price level. 2) Optimization programs: Schäfer leads the integration of the long-established company E.on Ruhrgas and energy trading into the new E.on Global Commodities and implements the E.on 2.0 efficiency program. 3) Disinvestment program to reduce debt: Schäfer manages the sale of parts of the group such as E.on Mitte and Ferngas Bayern 4) Refinancing: In November 2013, Schäfer arranged a syndicated loan of EUR 5 billion for E.on. You can find more about the situation and strategy of Klaus Schäfer's new and his old employer on our FINANCE topic pages on Uniper and E.on. MORE about the person

Michael Müller, RWE AG