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Audacity - Free DAW

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Multi-track recording and editing of sound material such as cutting, copying and mixing are possible in Audacity. Various effects such as reverb and echo are also available. Options for making corrections to pitches, playback speed and dynamics are also integrated in the DAW.

So everything is available what you need - until then. In terms of overview and handling, however, the software cannot keep up with the competition. The design looks dated and dreary. In the long run it won't be fun to work with, as the workflow is more like that of an audio editor than a DAW. Overall, the free DAW is an ideal tool for normal consumers to digitize old records. For someone who has already worked with professional DAWs, Audacity is hardly an option. With the release of AVID's free DAW Pro Tools First, the future of Audacity is open anyway.

Operating system: Win / Mac / Linux

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