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Lord of the Rings Aragorn: Whoever cannot throw away treasure in a pinch is a poor devil.

In Lord of the Rings, Aragorn, along with Frodo and Gandalf, is the character in whom many threads run together. Born as heir to the kings of Numenor, it took him six decades to accept his destiny and to make the decision to assume his inheritance against all doubts and obstacles.

Doubts about his willpower and his own decisions plague him again and again. And that, although in Lord of the Rings he has proven to be a strong-willed and prudent leader since his first meeting with the hobbits.

For many, especially for men, Aragorn is the hero from Lord of the Rings, with whom they can identify particularly easily. Aragorn is a clever and skilled leader, unwaveringly loyal and brave. And he is an experienced, yes, gifted tracker.

And finally: Aragorn has healing hands like the Elves. He never spares himself as long as he is needed, not even after the decisive battle on Pelennor. And he is a friend to each of his companions and also to each of his allies, as one can only wish for.

The ideal king - "Everyone loves him"

“Everyone loves him,” Gimli once said of him and that is what he believes. On the one hand, because Viggo Mortensen (film) can portray such an ideal king or leader. On the other hand, in the Aragorn, Tolkien is already laid out as a central hero, to whom the traces, wishes and deeds of all other heroes lead. Without that, and that seems to me to be the outstanding thing about Tolkien's Aragorn, this is even noticeable at first glance. Nevertheless, Aragorn still looks a bit wooden for my taste with Tolkien. In the Lord of the Rings film, however, this ideal image of a future king gets a lot of meat on the bones.

And even Aragorn's companions and allies do not remain extras or cues for the great hero. Without exception, each of them has his own heroic journey to contest, in which someone like Boromir fails or - like Aragorn - grows beyond himself. Examples are, of course, Gandalf and Frodo, who, like Aragorn, are both considered to be the main heroes of Lord of the Rings.

Aragorn is truly worthy of his role as a learning and growing king. For decades he grew into this task so that his authority has the quality of a natural one. "Simply because they (all) love you," Eowyn whispers and Legolas asks Aragorn's forgiveness with the words: We always trusted you, you never misled us. Forgive me, I shouldn't have doubted. "

Quotes from and about Aragorn

The greatest hunter of this age **

Gandalf to Frodo in the Shire via Aragorn:

And my search (for Gollum) would have been in vain had I not had the help of a friend: Aragorns, the greatest wanderer and hunter of this age of the world. Together we searched the entire length from Wilderland to Gollum, without hope and without success. But finally, when I had given up the hunt ... Gollum was found. My friend returned from great danger and brought the wretched creature with him.

About Aragorn *

Gandalf about Aragorn in the letter to Frodo, Bree:

Aragorn and Eomer, who said to him: But do not hope.

Not every lost one gets lost,
Not everything that is gold shines
The deep root does not freeze to death
What is old does not become a ghost.

A light spring from the shadows!
Fire should go out from ashes!
Salvation will be the broken blade,
The crownless man ascends to the throne.

About Aragorn **

Gandalf about Aragorn in the letter to Frodo, Bree:

Not everything that is gold sparkles
Not everyone who wanders lost
The old is not obscured;
Roots of the deep still froze to death.
Fire is made from ashes,
Light emerges from shadows;
Salvation is a broken sword;
And king who lost the crown.

Aragorn Legolas and Gimli Fangorn what madness drove them in there.

As a string player about himself *

Aragorn to the four hobbits, on the way to Rivendell:

Shortcut or detour - I usually get to where I want to go.

The Rivendell Promise - Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ***

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in Rivendell at Elrond's advice to Frodo:

Aragorn: If I can protect you with my life or death, I will. You have my sword
Legolas: And my bow.
Gimli: And my ax.

At his mother's grave ***

Aragorn and Elrond, in Rivendell:

She wanted to protect her child.
In Rivendell she thought you were safe.
Elrond: Deep in her heart, your mother knew you would be persecuted for life. That you could never escape your fate The Elves know how to forge the sword of kings anew. But only you have the power to lead it.
Aragorn: I don't want that power. I never wanted her.

The passage in which Galadriel first called him by his future name.


Galadriel and Aragorn ***

Galadriel and Aragorn saying goodbye to Lothlorien:

That decision is still ahead of her.
You have a choice to make, Aragorn.
Whether you want to rise above all your fathers since the days of Elendil or throw yourself into the dark and your kin will go under with you.
Goodbye You still have a lot to do.
We won't see each other again. Elessar.

The ring community ***

Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas by the great river:

Legolas: You don't mean to follow them.
Aragorn: Frodo's fate is no longer in our hands.
Gimli: Then all of this was in vain. The community has failed.
Aragorn: Not when we stand side by side faithfully. We will not leave Merry and Pippin to torture and death. Not as long as we still have strength. .. Let us hunt orcs.

No coincidence ***

Aragorn, in the footsteps of Merry and Pippin:

Lorien's leaves do not fall uselessly.

Experienced tracker *

Gimli via Aragorn, in the footsteps of Merry and Pippin:

A bent blade of grass is enough and Aragorn knows.

Arrival in Rohan **

Rohan - Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli meet Eomer and the Rohirim:

Éomer: These are strange times, indeed. Dreams and sagas emerge from the grass and come to life.
Rider: Halflings! It's just a small people in old songs and children's fairy tales from the north. Do we live in sagas or on the green earth in daylight?
Aragorn: A man may do both.

Hannon le ***

in Lord of the Rings, Helm's Deep, when Legolas returns the Elessar to Aragorn:

Hannon le! (Thanks)

Throw away treasure *

Aragorn to Pippin - about the elven clasp:

Whoever cannot throw away treasure in a pinch is a poor devil. You did the right thing.

Aragorn: The beacons of Minas Tirith!

The King's Hands *

A healer on the King of Gondor:

The hands of the king are the hands of a healer. And that was how you could always tell who the rightful king was.

People *

Legolas and Gimli about the people:

The works of men will outlast us (Legolas)
And yet nothing comes of it but nothing more than could have been. (Gimli)

The Age of Humans ***

Aragorn at his coronation:

Let us rebuild this world together so that we can share it in times of peace.

Oath * / ** / ***

Aragorn at his coronation:

Et eärello Endorenna útulien sinome maruvan ar Hildyniar tenn ambar metta. * / ** / ***

I came to Middle-earth from the Great Sea. I and my heirs will be here until the end of the world. *
I came to Middle-earth from the Great Sea. I want to stay in this place and my heirs until the end of the world. **

Recognition ***

Aragorn to the four hobbits, at Aragorn's coronation:

My friends, you do not bow down to anyone.

Lord of the Rings Aragorn calls in Helm's Deep to attack the army of orcs

Fulfillment *

Frodo via Aragorn and Arwen to Gandalf:

I finally understand why we waited. This is the end. Now it is no longer the day alone that should be loved, but the night also becomes beautiful and blessed, and all its horrors pass.

Origin and age of Aragorn

Born on March 1st, 2031. Aragorn, son of Arathorn and thus leader of the Dunedain, is the last of the old line of Numenores, a long-lived people of men and heir to Isildur, who failed at the end of the 2nd Age before the power of the Ring.

Esthel he is called as a child, Torongil he calls himself at the time when he served as a general in Gondor and Rohan, Strings he is called in Bree, where he and his ranger guarded the borders of the Shire for many years. And Elessar is the name given to him by Galadriel, together with the emerald of the same name in Lothlorien, and finally by his own people, after he has shown himself not as a general but also as a healer.

At the time of the act of Lord of the Rings, he will be 88 years old, right before the Battle of Hornburg.
In the film, he tells Eowyn - on the way from Edoras to Helm's Deep - that he was 87. It could well be that his birthday is exactly on this day - because in the book King Theoden leaves Edoras on March 1st, Aragorn's birthday.

Aragorn in Lord of the Rings Companions

Aragorn is the fifth of the companions after Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin. He meets the four hobbits for the first time in the Prancing Pony.

Right hand of Gandalf

Aragorn saves the four from the five Nazgul who storm the Prancing Pony. Then Aragorn succeeds in convincing the four hobbits, who do not know him, to trust him (supported in the book by a letter from Gandalf to Frodo) and leads the hobbits through the lonely lands to Rivendell. There, he hopes, the ring will be safe.

The journey of the five now goes over the Wetterspitze, the Bruinenfurt to Bruchtal. On the Weathertop there is a fight between five of the Nazgul and the four hobbits, Frodo being badly wounded by the Morgul blade of the prince of the Nazgul. Aragorn, on the spot at the last moment, drives away the Nazgul with his sword and burning logs.

In the council of Elrond, Aragorn decides without hesitation to stand by Frodo on his dangerous mission with all that he is: "If I can protect you through my life or my death, I will do it."

Aragorn transforming Theoden, king of Rohan.

As the leader of the community, Aragorn fails

On the bridge of Khazad dhum Gandalf gives him the task of leading the companions on before Gandalf faces the fight with the Balrog. In this way the eight companions can escape from Moria and reach the protective Lothlorien. Deep in mourning over the - supposed - loss of Gandalf.

After the Companions have left Lothlorien, Aragorn leads the Companions down the Great River - Anduin - down to Parth Galen.

The whole trip he remains undecided which way to Mordor the companions should take - directly over the Emyn Muil and the swamps of the dead or better over Minas Tirith, as Boromir urges the companions.

So the decision is made by itself. Frodo and with him Sam leave the companions unnoticed and go the dangerous path alone. As sensible as this development is for the dramaturgy, Aragorn himself reproaches himself for having failed as a leader at the crucial moment.

Aragorn in Lord of the Rings - Two Towers

After Merry and Pippin are captured by the Uruks and Boromir is dead, Aragorn has only two companions - Legolas and Gimli. The three of them follow the trail of the Uruks across Rohan to Isengard, hoping to save the two hobbits.

Not far from Fangorn they finally meet the riders of Rohan - who attacked and destroyed the Uruks the night before. None of the riders, including Eomer, not their leader, remembers two hobbits. "Don't give yourselves hope, we didn't leave anyone alive." Said Eomer. But Aragorn finally discovers the traces of the hobbits that lead away from the battle to the Fangorn.

In the Fangorn, the three unexpectedly encounter Gandalf, sent back by the Valar to complete his task in Middle-earth. Now the four of them ride to Edoras, the residence of the King of Rohan.

While Gandalf heals King Theoden of Saruman, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli keep Theoden's bodyguards at bay. Theoden's first decision - now back in their senses - is to get his people to safety in Helms Klamm.

Aragorn on arrival in Isengard

While Gandalf, dismayed by Theoden's decision to swing on Shadowfax to get help for King Theoden, Aragorn Legolas and Gimli stay with King Theoden and accompany him to Helm's Deep.

Aragorn with the express order of Gandalf: The defense of Helm's Deep must hold out! She will hold - replies Aragorn.

And it lasts. Together with Theoden and all the fighters who were able to flee from the oncoming Uruks in the Hornburg, Aragorn rides out at the first light of morning - breaks a breach in the army of the Uruks, so that the Uruks take flight.

The film shows us the courageous failure of the defenders of Helm's Deep. Here, too, the details differ from the book in which King Theoden is the initiator of this action.

Aragorn in Lord of the Rings - Return of the Kings

After Helm's Deep, Aragorn's greatest deed is yet to come, one that only he can accomplish. Lead the army of the dead into battle against Sauron. Because the dead only follow the king of Gondor. Which Aragorn is not, but - thanks to Anduril - he can prove himself to be heir to the kings of Gondor. The dead know this sword and only the King of Gondor can wield this sword. So it is said. That is how the dead know, that is how the King of the Dead knows. An echo of Nordic myths like that of Excalibur.

But the “King of Gondor” does not only have to prove himself to the king of the dead as the one who can redeem the dead from their curse. From a distance, that is actually not such a great risk, one might think. Anduil was forged with foresight especially for this purpose. In the book thanks to the wisdom of Elrond, who gives his future son-in-law the magic sword on his journey in Rivendell. It's only much later in the film, at the last minute so to speak, that Arwen urges her father to do it.

Before Aragorn can face the King of the Dead, he has to overcome a hurdle that is clearly shown both in the book and in the film to be almost insurmountable. He has to walk the paths of the dead and that means leaving behind the fear of death. As far as I understand Tolkien, the central theme of his books.

Friends and relatives of Aragorn

Aragorn, like only Gandalf, is friends, close allies or has been familiar for many years with many other characters in the Lord of the Rings.

  • Elrond - He has known Elrond the longest of all - he was his foster father and until the age of 20 Aragorn believed Elrond was his father.
  • Arwen - Also at the age of 20, almost 70 years before the history of the War of the Ring, he saw the beautiful, eternally young Arwen for the first time and fell in love with her. He knows, or learns later, that their love will only be fulfilled when he has assumed his inheritance as King of Gondor.
  • Gandalf - meets Aragorn already in his first years as a ranger in the north, he pursues Gollum together with him and takes him prisoner. They are the two outstanding leaders - not only in the ring, but also in the battles against Mordor.
  • Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin - meets Aragorn for the first time in Bree. Since then, all his thoughts and endeavors, even when they parted ways, have been directed towards supporting Frodo in the fulfillment of his mission.
  • Legolas and Gimli - have been his loyal companions since the advice of Elrond.
  • Boromir and then Faramir - they share a love for Gondor.
  • Eomer - whenever it matters, Eomer is at his side.
  • Eowyn - the not only beautiful, but also clever and skilful shieldmaiden of Rohan. From the first moment she feels so closely connected to Aragorn that she does everything to be able to fight at his side. The film also includes the unhappy love story. In the book, Eowyn wants to accompany Aragorn on the path to the paths of the dead. She has no fear of death.

Aragorn - the hero to whom all other heroes refer

Women, wise men, warriors. And there are many of them (warriors) in the Lord of the Rings. Aragorn, which is actually clear but not necessarily obvious, is the king among kings. Hero among heroes. Not the star - he doesn't even have a big final battle. Eowyn / Merry or Frodo / Sam have that.Aragorn is also not the wise all-rounder, there would also be other favorites if you wanted to set one. Gandalf, Elrond or Galadriel, for example.

Aragorn is, almost inconspicuously, the figure to which all other heroes refer personally, amicably, intimate or competitive, at least directly to him, Aragorn: The following list should clarify this:

Friends: Gimli - Boromir - Legolas
Himself: Frodo - Aragorn - Gandalf
Women: Eowyn - Arwen - Galadriel

Aragorn between Legolas and Gimli - in Helm's Gorge

Aragorn between Gimli and Legolas and Boromir

  • Gimli - a dwarf whose origins lead to the dwarves' disease of gold and the gold-sick dragon Smaug - a central theme in the little hobbit.
  • Legolas - an elf whose origins lead to the aristocratic Thranduil, feuding with the dwarves and believing himself to be exalted above the fate of mortal people.
  • Boromir is at the same time a competitor (for the rule in Gondor) and that companion who is most similar to Aragorn and thus most familiar.

Aragorn himself is repeatedly plagued by doubts - the sickness of men.

In Lord of the Rings himself, this human constellation between dwarfs and elves is (no longer) thematic. The mythical, the archetypal constellation is only revealed to those who know the hobbit or - for other existential topics such as love - the Silmarillion and gradually begin to feel the threads through which the individual stories and their heroes are interwoven.

Just like in real life, you would think if you didn't know that myths want to and can show such threads between…. Clearer than real life itself, which oh so often knows so little about itself.

Aragorn in Lord of the Rings - between Frodo and Gandalf

There is also a special connection between Gandalf, Aragorn and Frodo - that of being up to their task. In the table I have headed this column with Self, which I mean to suggest that all three have a central struggle with themselves - their personal task or mission.

  • Frodo's task is the ring - the lure / temptation - apparently - of unlimited power. Whether Frodo masters this task or fails because of it, ultimately remains undecided. It would be most appropriate to say: both as well as.
  • Gandalf's task is to lead the free peoples of Middle-earth in the fight against the threatening annihilation and to unite - up to the dormant forces of trees and animals (eagles). Nobody doubts that Gandalf masters his task. In the end, he can even leave Middle-earth with a clear conscience and place its fate in the hands of Aragorn.

And Aragorn - placed between Frodo and Gandalf by the complexity of the task - bears the burden of leading people to their ancestral dignity and beyond - into the age of men.

And each of these three main heroes has confidants around them who orientate themselves on him, while the three are not only friends, but to a certain extent relatives, direct mirrors for one another, three archetypes belonging to one another: the still young and inexperienced hero (like all hobbits), the prudent guide beloved by everyone and the wise old man who also guides the guide.

Aragorn before the Fangorn: The hobbits' shackles have been severed.

Strengths / weaknesses of Aragorn

  • Unconditional loyalty, quick, prudent and skillful in combat, tracer, healing hands and above all a hero who finally finds his way and thanks to his wisdom and sensitivity knows when to act and how.
  • Self-doubts that plagued him for a long time - especially about his destiny to be the heir of Isildur.

Opponent trials, hero's journey from Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings

  • Gollum - he hunts him together with Gandalf and brings him to the Elves in Mirkwood.
  • Sauron - as for all other heroes, Sauron is the main enemy of Aragorn. And Aragorn as King of Men becomes the ultimate enemy for Sauron towards the end of the war. Nevertheless: The classic final battle - the final duel - between hero and most powerful enemy fails in the Lord of the Rings. Which is definitely not an oversight on the part of Tolkien or then Peter Jackson. Aragorn is - just - not a lone fighter or a lonely hero, but a king. The king of the people.
  • King of the Dead - Dare the way of the dead to bring the King of the Dead and his army to the fulfillment of their oath.

Lord of the Rings Aragorn in the fourth age

  • A person - unlike elves - is his mission. Or not. This is more evident on Aragorn than on anyone else in Middle-earth.
  • Aragorn did not - actually - want to become king. "I don't want this power, I never wanted it." Peter Jackson Aragorn at least lets say in the companions. But now he is king - the expectations of him are high. He is much less free in his actions than before.
  • Unless Aragorn not only leads people back to their old glory (from Numenor), but to works as only human beings can create. And with that to yourself: Understanding the gift of Eru Illuvatar as a blessing rather than a curse. To be sure, why they have to solve the riddle that lies in this gift.
  • Who knows - I think: his real task is still ahead of him. The people now live in peace and freedom (from the power of Mordor). But what do you do with this freedom? Share the world, says Aragorn at his coronation. Certainly, the question of what you want to do with your divided world has not yet been answered. In the Lord of the Rings it remains completely outside - and open. Even if a person is a king, he remains a person. And with it his mission - or is not at all. Whoever cannot throw away treasure in a pinch is a poor devil.

Fire will awaken from ashes….

And another translation of Aragorn's saying - based as closely as possible on the English original.

All that is gold does not glitter,
What is completely gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;
Not everyone who wanders goes lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,
The old that is strong never smells

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
Deep roots never froze to death.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
Fire will awaken from ashes,

A light from the shadows shall spring.
A light springs from the shadows.

Renewed shall the blade that was broken
The sword will be made whole again

The crownless again shall be king.
The king wins the crown anew.

  • * Quotes from the book The Lord of the Rings, translated by Krege
  • ** Quotes from the book The Lord of the Rings, translated by Carroux
  • *** Quotes from the movie The Lord of the Rings

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