Why do Haehne attack people

While most roosters are peaceful, there are some who are prone to being aggressive. However, this is usually not in the nature of the rooster. Rather, the Quarrelsome rooster on the Failure of the holder to be attributed be. There are also other factors that turn a peaceful rooster into an aggressive rooster, so that it may attack the other chickens as well.

How is it expressed when a rooster becomes aggressive?

How the cock's aggressiveness is expressed depends on whom he is defending himself against.

He usually gets other chickens kick or chop. However, if he lets out his anger towards people, he may jump on them and attack them in this way. There are even taps that come before Not stopping a person's head. This area is of course particularly sensitive to pain.

In which Situations the rooster feels specifically attacked, is usually not apparent at first glance. However, there are roosters that react aggressively, for example, when you as a keeper bring feed or want to clean the stable.

Aggressive rooster - it can have these causes:

  1. The rooster sees its owner as a competitor: This phenomenon is particularly common in hand-reared roosters. The rooster then has an extreme relationship to you as the holder. You are, so to speak, his role model, by which he orientates himself. However, as soon as the rooster becomes sexually mature, it sees you as a competitor, which can lead to aggressive behavior.
  2. The rooster protects its chickens: The rooster in a group that occupies the highest rank feels responsible for the roosters and chickens subject to it. He tries to protect them, which can partly turn into aggressiveness.
  3. Fighting Breed: There are certainly races that are more combative than others. These can then truly be called "fighting cocks" or "squabbling cocks". They are generally irritable and may be more aggressive as a result.
  4. The rooster has experienced something bad in the past: Roosters that have experienced something bad in the past are also prone to aggressiveness. It's no wonder either, because they just want to defend themselves. Roosters in particular that have been hit, kicked, or otherwise abused by their owners are prone to overreacting. These result from a certain fear.

What To Do If Your Rooster Is Aggressive

  • Don't coddle the rooster: Granted, chick-age roosters are cute. No wonder you want to stroke her. But that is exactly what can become a problem later.
  • Do not disregard the hierarchy in the hen house: How quickly does it go that we go to the chicken garden and stroke our favorite chicken. However, this is something to avoid when the rooster is around. He is considered the highest ranking animal. If he sees that you seem to prefer a hen, the rooster can become aggressive towards both you and the hen.
  • Go carefully to the tap: If your rooster has attacked you in the past, don't let this intimidate you. This could further increase the potential for aggression. Keep going inside the enclosure without showing fear. Only then will the Rooster continue to accept you as a senior and not view your behavior as a sign of submission.
  • Always approach your hens calmly and prudently: If for any reason the hens panic, the rooster will want to protect them right away. It is therefore important that you do not bring any disturbance into the enclosure. Whenever you enter the barn or the exercise area, be prudent. This applies, for example, to feeding and cleaning the stable. Be careful not to frighten the chickens.

Our tip

If you find that the rooster is attacking his hens again, show him calmly that you are in charge. Pick him up and keep him on your arm until he has calmed down.