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In the conflict between God and Satan, among other things, freedom of choice plays a major role. Freedom of choice is a precious gift from God and is essential in the plan He has for His children. In his rebellion against God, Satan sought to “destroy man's independence” (Moses 4: 3). He said, “I want to redeem all of humanity so that not a soul is lost, and certainly I will; therefore give me your glory ”(Moses 4: 1).

Satan led “the third part of the hosts of heaven” to turn away from the Father (see D&C 29:36). As a result of their rebellion, Satan and his followers were cast out from the presence of God and were not allowed to receive a physical body (see Revelation 12: 9).

Heavenly Father allows Satan and his followers to tempt us. This is one of the earthly life experiences (see 2 Nephi 2: 11–14; D&C 29:39). Because Satan seeks "that all men should be as miserable as himself" (2 Nephi 2:27), Satan and his followers try to turn us away from righteousness. His most stubborn opposition is to the most important aspects of Heavenly Father's plan for happiness. For example, he tries to disregard the Savior and the priesthood, cast doubts about the power of the Atonement, imitate revelation, distract us from the truth, and dispute individual responsibility. He seeks to undermine the family by creating confusion about the role and attraction of the sexes, encouraging sexual relationships outside of marriage, ridiculing marriage, and persuading married adults who would otherwise raise children in righteousness that they are shouldn't have children.

Nobody has to succumb to the temptations of Satan. Each person has the power to choose what is good over evil, and the Lord has promised to help whoever seeks him by sincerely praying and exercising faith.

See also freedom of choice; Sin; temptation

- See “Good Faith,” 153–153.

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