What are some mind-boggling facts about pricing

The microphone preamplifier for 10,000 euros

It is not a misprint: The MIDAS 501 is listed in the Thomann shop at 9949 euros, on the US market prices are up to 15,000 dollars. No, you don't get an analog mixer for this, but a microphone preamplifier. A microphone preamplifier in the API rack format "Series 500", for which you also need a module carrier and a power supply.

One can only speculate about the background and intentions of the pricing. It makes more sense to look at the facts. On the equipment side, the MIDAS is neat, with adjustable filters, phantom power, a "warm" circuit, DI input, transformers and both gain and output trim. This allows the microphone signal to be regulated as much in terms of spectrum and overtone behavior as can be expected from a characteristic microphone preamplifier.

The available technical data can be read properly, as far as stated. They are not really detailed. The information about the actual circuit and the components used are also rather cautious. I cannot explain why this should cost so much money.

The most expensive current microphone preamplifiers known to me per channel are almost all tube devices, which are built with carefully selected tubes, capacitors, resistors and other components, some of them NOS ("New Old Stock"). Mostly in expensive housings, with flawless workmanship, external, specially designed power supplies and a "mastermind" in the background who has invented circuits or has further developed popular and well-known ones. I think of D.W. Fearn, to Retro with their replica of the OP-6, to the Chandler REDD.47, of course to the various Neve (who also have a superb EQ), to Tube-Tech with MP-2A and the like. These are all absolutely top devices. With history, Made in USA or Made in Europe with significantly lower prices than the MIDAS 501 - and with its own power supply units.

MIDAS actually brings history with it. The company, which has grown up in the live segment, has brought great products onto the market even after the purchase by the Music Group. For example the "noble version" of the Behringer digital input X32, the MIDAS M32, the eight-fold preamp MIDAS XL 48 or the microphone preamplifier MIDAS 502. Cost: 150 euros each. 66 channels 502 cost as much as one channel 501. Other calculations of what you could do with the money can be done by yourself.

Maybe the MIDAS just sounds absolutely stunning? I would be very excited about a blind test!

On the other hand: There was once a very expensive app in the Apple App Store. It couldn't show anything but a diamond. And it was actually sold. If these people also need a microphone preamp, they might choose the MIDAS 501. In contrast to the app, it will certainly do its job very well. And maybe it is an argument for studio customers if "the most expensive microphone preamplifier in the world" is installed there.