Why is woofer called sub woofer

Subwoofer (German)

Part of speech: noun, (male)

Sub | woo | fer, Plural: Sub | woo | fer
Word meaning / definition:
1) special bass speaker on a stereo or home theater system
Origin of the term:
General terms:
1) loudspeaker
Application examples:
1) "The tuner and CD changer are from Alpine, Subwoofer and amplifiers from Infinity and loudspeakers from Magnat. Ulrich Klein has now received the respectable prize at Media Markt in Mannheim-Neckarau. "
Typical word combinations:
1) more active / passiveSubwoofer
Nominative: singular Subwoofer; Plural Subwoofer
Genitive: singular Subwoofers; Plural Subwoofer
Dative: singular Subwoofer; Plural Subwoofers
Accusative: singular Subwoofer; Plural Subwoofer

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

With sound systems in the car, the bass is often neglected. The solution: Subwoofer retrofit. AUTO BILD gives buying tips and shows the Amazon bestsellers.
autobild.de, August 28, 2018

Amazon wants to bring eight new Alexa products onto the market. According to CNBC, this is, among other things, a receiver, a Subwoofer and even a microwave.
The shareholder, September 18, 2018

Two satellite speakers plus one Subwoofer (2.1) result in the Logitech Z337 system.
Computer picture, February 13, 2019

The Sounddeck Streaming integrates loudspeakers, Subwoofer and multi-room functions. Techstage has tested the box-shaped soundbar alternative.
heise online, June 14, 2019

The fog around the new Alexa devices is clearing, now there are many details about one Subwoofer and a socket with voice control. The models should appear next month.
teltarif.de, September 20, 2018

Fat bass from the Subwoofer from Logitech to the slim taler: On Cyber ​​Monday, Logitech hits a really good deal that might be worthwhile, especially for beginners who are just starting out with sound systems.
netzwelt.de, December 02, 2019

In the test, the Philips 55OLED934 not only offers a strong picture with its OLED display in 4K resolution, but thanks to two speakers included Subwoofer also a more than decent sound.
CHIP, 5th November 2019

One was stolen Subwoofer as well as an output stage of the installed music system. The amount of property damage is not known. There is no trace of the perpetrators. The time of the offense is between July 21st and 28th.
Police press release, July 29, 2020

Rich bass without Subwoofer? Sure it works, says Teufel. The test clarifies whether the Cinebar Ultima can do this well without a bass box.
Computer picture, January 21, 2020

The DHT-S416 combines typical Denon audio quality with Google Chromecast integration and wireless Subwoofer.
digitalfernsehen.de, September 19, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Bass speaker
  • Woofer

Another word (synonym) for subwoofer - Source: OpenThesaurus

Dictionary entries

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speaker: Woofer, woofer, subwoofer, midrange, tweeter, dome, membrane, surround, voice coil, piezo, headphones, earphones Application examples: 1) The powerful speakers enabled the speaker to be heard from the rear seats of the festival hall

bass:… 3) Bass line 4a) Double bass, bass violin 4b) Bass guitar, electric bass 4c) Bass drum, bass drum 6) Subwoofer Superordinate terms: 4) Bass instrument Subordinate terms: ...

Subwoofers: Subwoofers (German) Part of Speech: Declined form Hyphenation: Sub | woo | fers Pronunciation / Stress: IPA: [ˈsapvuːfɐs] Grammatical features: Genitive singular of the noun Subwoofer

Subwoofers: Subwoofern (German) Part of Speech: Declined form Hyphenation: Sub | woo | fern Pronunciation / Stress: IPA: [ˈsapvuːfɐn] Grammatical features: Dative plural of the noun Subwoofer

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