What color were Bette Davis eyes

Bette Davis and her eyes

On March 25, we asked about Bette Davis in “Who was it?”. The American was one of the most successful actresses in cinema history. In roles of strong, but above all tragic, torn or evil characters, she has mastered melodrama - and they also reflect her real person a bit.

Not exactly gallantly complained that their nose and mouth were too big, and then the huge eyes ... It was precisely the look of these eyes, which were later sung about ("Bette Davis Eyes"), with which they were Roles, whether ice-cold murderess or unpredictable seductress, gave fascinating expressiveness. You didn't have to be pretty Hollywood to become a world star.

The start, however, is bumpy. The daughter of a lawyer, who was born on April 5, 1908, was rejected by the first drama school. The first stage engagement also fails, she works as an usher. Undeterred, she set off for the dream factory at the age of 21 - and soon quarreled with the lousy roles she was given. She wants to embody self-confident women, whether their character is good or bad. It actually asserts itself, energetically, ambitiously, with rough edges. “I was a terror, insufferable, only concerned about success and my career. I never had time for kindness, ”Davis will confess in old age. Did that also apply to their four marriages?

She only filmed for five years in Hollywood, when she won her first Oscar (“Dangerous”, 1935). In 1938 the second (“Jezebel - The Malicious Lady”), a total of ten times she will be nominated for this trophy in the course of her six decades of cinema career. In 1942 she is considered one of the highest paid women in the United States, and she became the first woman to head the American Film Academy.

Bette Davis was 81 when she died in Paris in 1989. She had achieved everything. But her autobiography was entitled "A Lonely Life".

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