What is productivity in a coworking space

Coworking - a new way of working for modern jobs

Pictures of the first coworking space still show a living room atmosphere. Nowadays a (especially aesthetic) Fusion of café and office established. This can probably be explained by the fact that people who use coworking spaces today used to work from a coffee house. On the one hand, these places have developed into coworking spaces, on the other hand, the users did not want to forego the convenience of a nearby barista. The main area therefore usually consists of an open room with many desks and usually a bar with additional seating.

The jobs are mostly called Hot desks offered. These are desks that are not given to people on a permanent basis, but are renewed every day. If you still had this seat on one day, it can be occupied by someone else the next morning. That is why it is not intended to store any items there. Accordingly, with hot desking you only pay a daily rent. Face it Dedicated deskswhich can also be rented for a longer period. These have the advantage that you can set yourself up here to a certain extent and adapt the workplace to your individual needs.

In addition, it is common for coworking spaces to also offer closed rooms: users usually have the option of choosing from different Meeting rooms to select. If you want to have undisturbed conversations with your team, customers or investors, you can choose a room of the right size and with the right equipment (projector, whiteboard, etc.). Some coworking spaces also have smaller boxes in which you can withdraw for phone calls. Lockers can be rented to store personal items safely, sometimes overnight.