How do I register a design?



Simple and convenient: register designs online

It is best to register your design online via DPMAdirektWeb (for registrations with up to ten designs) or with the DPMAdirektPro software (with signature card). If you register electronically, all necessary information is requested in clear input masks. The program checks whether your information is complete and plausible. In addition, electronic filing is cheaper than filing on paper.

Submit conventionally on paper

Of course, you can still register your design on paper. To do this, you must have the one issued by the German Patent and Trademark Office Use form R 5703 (1.02 MB). With a multiple application, you can combine up to 100 designs in one application. For this you also need the Submit attachment sheet R5703.2.

Please note: Designs can Not registered by fax.

What must a design application contain?

The most important links for design registration

For your design registration you need:

  • one Request on entry that contains specific information about the applicant
    Please note: If you have neither domicile, registered office nor branch office in Germany, you must be represented by a lawyer or patent attorney who is authorized and authorized to do so. This also applies if you are a German citizen but have your place of residence or headquarters abroad.
  • one suitable for publication reproduction of the design
  • a Product specification (a term from the list of goods (design)); please use our search engine for product information.

You can find detailed information on the required information and documents on the page Required information and documents.

What does a design registration cost?

The fee is at least 60 euros for electronic registration (70 euros for registration on paper).

Faster to the registered design

We can process your registration faster if you

  • pay the fees in the SEPA direct debit procedure or transfer them immediately and
  • create the product information with the help of the search engine. There you will quickly find all permitted terms of goods.

If the application meets all registration requirements, your design will usually be registered within one to two months of receipt of the fee. If all requirements are not met or if you have questions about registration, the processing time may be longer; Here, processing times of six to eight months from the payment of the fee can be expected.

Image: Csaszar

Status: 05/17/2021