Which companies will go public this year?

IPOs 2021 - An overview of new IPOs

Which companies will go public in 2021? Here in the LYNX IPO calendar you will find an overview of all new IPOs in 2021 and find out which IPOs have already taken place this year.

In order to invest in new companies on the stock exchange, you should always know when a new issue is planned, because from an investor's point of view an IPO is an interesting process that sometimes promises high profits, as the issue price of newly subscribed shares is often lower than the later one Opening price when the stock market starts. New shares often create a high trading volume on the stock exchange, so that many traders decide to buy IPO shares. For this it makes sense to know the expected IPO date of new companies on the stock exchange.

Current, upcoming and planned IPOs

IPOs are generally relatively expensive and lengthy processes that require some preparation. For this reason, upcoming IPOs can often not be precisely dated at the beginning and the exact date of the IPO is often only known shortly before the first trading day of the share.

Speculation about potential IPO candidates thus spreads long before the companies are close to going public. Only in the days before the actual initial public offering will the shares be offered to potential interested parties with a price range. During this so-called bookbuilding phase, the demand determines the final price for the initial listing of the share on the stock exchange.

IPOs - new issues of shares on the stock exchange

Whether IPOs in Germany or the USA - the list of expected IPOs is as extensive as the possible reasons why companies are striving to go public around the world. Mostly it is about raising risk capital from outside through the use of stocks as a financing instrument.

The capital raised through IPOs is usually required to drive the development of the company or to secure the financing of the business model. IPOs can also serve to restructure the company and make it more competitive. With our IPO table, you have an excellent overview of future IPOs and you can see which IPOs have successfully gone public in the past and whether these IPO values ​​are currently developing positively or negatively.