What are the smallest cars ever produced

Passenger car production worldwide by 2020

Published by Martin Kords on April 14, 2021
Significant decline in global car production - the corona pandemic caused global car production to collapse in 2020. Only about 55.8 million cars were produced. This corresponds to a decrease in production of over 16 percent compared to the previous year.

The automotive industry in the corona crisis

In the global ranking of the largest automobile manufacturers in terms of sales figures, Toyota is in first place, closely followed by Volkswagen. Like many other automobile manufacturers, however, Toyota and VW also suffered significant sales losses last year. Only the sales figures of the electric car manufacturer Tesla rose significantly in the crisis year 2020. Tesla sold nearly half a million vehicles, setting a new company record.

Electric cars are on the rise

As an alternative to classic gasoline or diesel vehicles, electric cars are the current trend in the automotive industry. The number of new registrations of electric cars in Germany has increased rapidly in recent years. The share of electric cars in the total number of cars in this country was around 1.2 percent in 2020, which so far seems negligibly small. According to a forecast, however, this proportion should increase to 24.4 percent by 2030. According to a survey, the main reasons for purchasing an electric vehicle are the better ecological balance and lower operating costs.