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Facial care and skin alteration with advanced age

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Our skin is constantly changing over the course of our lives. And so does the care that she needs. We have collected frequently asked questions on this topic and give you the answers here.

When does the skin start to age and how can I prevent it?
From around the age of 25, our skin's collagen production slows down. As the collagen content drops, the first wrinkles can appear and the facial contours lose volume. You can prevent this by applying sunscreen every day and moisturizing your skin.

What is important: age or skin type?
Both. Over the years, the skin's needs change, for example the skin produces less hyaluronic acid, loses its radiance more often and tends to wrinkle. Care products with anti-aging ingredients support the skin and give it what it needs. However, care should always be tailored to the individual skin type: if it is too rich, skin blemishes can occur, if it is not rich enough, the skin can become tight.

How often do I have to take care of my skin?
That depends on the respective products:

  • Use cleaning and care products every morning and evening.
  • You should not use peelings and masks more than 1-2 times a week.
  • Apply concentrates and ampoules once a day for 3-7 days (depending on the information).

Can you also take care of the skin?
Basically no. However, you should be careful not to combine too many different active ingredients. This can easily lead to irritation. An overly aggressive cleaning routine can also deprive the skin of its natural oils and dry it out. Rely on a mild and simple cleansing.

Some women are lucky enough to have fewer wrinkles, even at an advanced age - how can you keep that longer?
In any case, it is advisable to start with an anti-wrinkle cream at an early stage, before deep wrinkles appear, so that the complexion remains even for as long as possible.

What changes in your skin needs have you already noticed?