What are code share flights

All about codeshare flights - what rights do you have?

What is a code-sharing flight and who do I make my claims to?

With a codeshare agreement (codeshare flight), two or more airlines share a flight. Each airline sells this flight under its own flight number.

For example, a seat can be booked with one company for a flight that is actually operated by another airline under a different flight number.

The airline that actually operates the flight is called the “operating carrier”.

The airlines that sell the flight under their own flight number, but do not operate it themselves, are called marketing carriers.

An example from practice:

The Müller family books United Airlines a flight of Frankfurt to Seattle with a connecting flight of Seattle to Honolulu.

The flight numbers for both flights are on the booking confirmation United Airlines (recognizable by the airline IATA code UA).

In addition, the flight from Frankfurt to Seattle has the addition “operated by Lufthansa“.

So this flight is actually from the Lufthansa carried out and within the framework of the codeshare agreement only as United Airlines-Flight sold.

In this case, United Airlines is the marketing carrier and Lufthansa is the operating carrier.

And to which airline do I make my claim for a codeshare flight?

The airline that operated the flight (the operating carrier) is always responsible for claims arising from the passenger rights regulations. In the case of a codeshare flight, this should be recognizable in your booking confirmation by the addition "operated by".

In the previous example, the requirement must be Lufthansa submitted even though the flight was booked with United Airlines and also has a United Airlines flight number.