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Fit without equipment: 3 workouts with your own body weight - Workout Wednesday

Do you finally want to be slim and defined? We have put together 3 free workouts for you. This way you will get fit without any devices, machines or any equipment.

Fit without equipment: where does the hype come from?

It has been for a few years Bodyweight training More and more popular. It used to be frowned upon in gyms, hated in school sports and simply a necessary part of warm-up in club sports. Today you can see more and more people in parks alone or in whole groups who only use their own body weight to look slim and well-trained. The hype came mainly from Mark Lauren and his book "Fit Without Devices".

With us you now also get a 12 week training plan full of exercises with your own body weight. In our Shape complete package you even get this guide with a nutrition plan and many delicious recipes for free.

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Fit without equipment: advantages

Training without equipment has a lot to offer. You have these advantages when you train with your own body weight:

  • It's cheap because you no gym membership have to pay.
  • Because you no devices need, you are not tied to a place.
  • You can easily vary the difficulty of the exercises and adapt them to your level of training.
  • Perfect for HIIT workouts.
  • Your Body feeling increases sharply.
  • Holistic, functional approach because the exercises target many muscles at the same time.
  • Trained Coordination and strength endurance

Fit without devices: disadvantages

Of course we don't want to withhold anything from you. Bodyweight training also has disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • Building muscle with your own body weight is only possible to a certain extent.
  • After that, only the strength endurance increases, but no longer the maximum strength.
  • The back is most effectively trained with pull-ups, but this exercise is very demanding for beginners and very overweight people.

Fit without equipment: training plans

So that you can finally get started and train with your own body weight, you get 3 of our workouts without equipment.

Circuit training

Here you get 10 exercises for a circuit trainingthat you have to do one after the other without a break. 3 rounds are a minimum. Advanced students do 4 rounds. If you still have enough power now, you can also add a 5th lap to the back.

Download circuit training

Bodyweight training

A workout consisting of 8 different exercises. Every lap only takes 4 minutes. But that doesn't mean you should take this workout lightly.

Download the bodyweight training plan

Abs workout

The perfect workout with a focus on the abdominal muscles. In this crisp HIIT unit you train all areas of your stomach. With this you create the perfect conditions for a strong six pack.

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  • Getting fit is very easy without equipment.
  • With the right exercises, you can vary your training very well without equipment.
  • Primarily trains strength endurance and coordination.
  • Muscle growth is only possible to a limited extent.


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