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Salzburg woman sentenced to 15 months for Nazi postings

Salzburg - A 34-year-old woman was sentenced to 15 months of conditional imprisonment on Wednesday at a trial in Salzburg for being re-employed by the National Socialists under the Prohibition Act. The Salzburg woman is said to have glorified pictures and texts with Nazi ideas on Facebook and Whatsapp in 2015 and 2016. Relevant items and music CDs were seized from her apartment.

The previously innocent defendant appeared to some extent confessing. The jury's verdict is not final, said the regional court spokesman, Peter Egger. The defense attorney had waived an appeal, but the prosecutor made no statement.

Necklace with a swastika pendant

The Salzburg resident was accused of not only sharing the illegal Facebook posts, but also of posting some postings on the Internet herself. She is said to have presented herself with a T-shirt with the SS double rune and a necklace with a swastika pendant. "My boyfriend at the time said it looked sexy. I wanted to impress him," the defendant justified.

Blamed the "ex"

She found a home in relevant Facebook groups, she was recognized as a woman through her behavior, said the accused to the presiding judge Gabriele Glatz. The woman confessed to around ten public Nazi postings. "My friend said if I don't do that with the postings, I'm a traitor," she said, adding that the "ex" was complicit. He also posted on her behalf. She knew that she made a mistake, but she was not aware of the extent of her behavior, said the 34-year-old ruefully. In the meantime she has moved and thrown away all relevant things. In any case, she could not identify with the ideology of National Socialism, emphasized the woman.

Postings deleted

Defense attorney Wolfgang Hauptmann stated that the defendant had come into these Internet circles through her then partner, from whom she had since separated, and had been invited by a total of 95 Facebook groups. But she never took part in various events or meetings. Before the investigation against the woman began, she separated from these groups and deleted the postings. "I knew these are not the right people," said the accused to the presiding judge Gabriele Glatz.

T-shirts with portraits of Hitler

The woman admitted the possession of relevant objects - for example T-shirts and postage stamps with portraits of Hitler and flags with imperial eagles. You bought a lot "legally" online via the "Reichsversand" on the Internet. Acquaintances said they would post such things for years and nothing had happened to them so far. "You were blocked twice on Facebook and made fun of it," interjected the chairwoman. "I know I made a mistake, but I didn't realize the extent of it," said the 34-year-old. She put the music CDS given by another friend in a box on a box and did not distribute any of these songs.

The defendant was also questioned about a runic script tattooed on her arm. The characters would represent the name of her daughter, the double S runes are part of the name and therefore have nothing to do with National Socialism, emphasized the Salzburg woman. According to her defense attorney, she could not remember that she had sent WhatsApp messages with the image of the Hitler salute, a swastika flag or with the wording "green electricity asylum seekers". The woman found an explanation for this: It is possible that her boyfriend at the time, who also used her cell phone and laptop, sent this content. (APA, October 25, 2017)