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SCP Foundation

Requirements for new entries:


  • Articles that are directly related to or related to the SCP in question, even if it is only mentioned in a single "scene" or paragraph.
  • All kinds of articles, be it stories, background articles, series or interest group portals, or even lists with tags belonging to an SCP
  • Derivatives of SCPs, for example from a canon, or from the point of view of an interest group

Do not insert:

  • Attachments, including test protocols (basically all pages that have an SCP set as a parent page)
  • SCPs that relate to other SCPs

Instructions for inserting entries:

If there are several entries in an SCP, please sort them according to relevance as much as possible, i.e.:

The story revolves around the SCP -> The SCP appears in this story -> The story refers heavily to the SCP -> The story only superficially refers to the SCP

If you want to link to a series, a link to the series hub or the first part of the series is sufficient. A series should only be linked if all or most of the articles relate to the SCP. If only one or a few parts refer to the SCP, they should be linked directly.

Multiple SCPs: If an article refers to multiple SCPs, it can also be linked to all of these.

Stories based on derivatives are listed separately together with the derivative at the end of the page.

Format entries:

Stories should be listed indented under the respective SCP, this is necessary in front to put a space in the * of the list.
Links should be set as an interwiki link (with), not as a web link (with).

Comments can be placed in brackets after the respective link to refer to the content. For example (Poetry), (Series Portal) or (NSFW)1)