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Causes: Why a tire can burst

Flat tires were the order of the day in the days of a “Ford Model T”, in the early twenties of the automobile era. The car tire as a product was by no means as mature as it is today and so the vehicles of that time could not do without a spare wheel and tire. This situation has changed completely today. Tires, vehicles and road conditions have changed so much that, statistically speaking, today's drivers only have to expect a flat tire every 10 years - as the ADAC has established. But the car manufacturers have long since saved the spare tire and prefer to add a breakdown kit to the car. In this way, mobility can then be restored, but only to a limited extent, for example when driving to the next workshop.


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Causes of burst tires

Today it is much less common for cars to have a Tire bursts. The reasons can be very different, so that there is no general answer. However, this is a particularly common cause of tire blowouts Driving with insufficient air pressure or with too high load into consideration. Both have the same effect and affect the tire in the same way: In continuous operation, increased flexing work occurs in both cases, especially on the flanks.

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The resulting friction heats the sidewalls very strongly, so that the individual tire components can no longer withstand the thermal load. The highest alarm level is given when smoke develops, which starts shortly before the tire breaks down. Then the tread can peel off or the tire bursts on the flank. The smoke development will not be noticeable to the driver and warnings usually come too late at this stage.


Foreign bodies in the tire - this can lead to a creeping flat tire.


Driving with air pressure that is too low is often an option Tire injury A foreign body in the form of a nail or screw penetrates the tire and the air slowly escapes. One speaks here of one creeping flat footwhich is particularly treacherous because the driving behavior of the tire does not change abruptly, but only gradually and is only noticed late by the driver. A foreign body that has run into the running surface is often difficult to recognize, even externally. At higher speeds or over long distances, the damage becomes noticeable and often leads to an abrupt loss of air.

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Tire damage due to excessive load

The Driving with an excessive load is more often the cause of tire damage in trucks, which in connection with insufficient air pressure can quickly be disastrous. The numerous tire residues on the motorways are evidence that tire damage is much more common in commercial vehicles than in passenger cars. Nevertheless, there is also a risk here that passenger cars are overloaded on holiday trips.

Another very common cause leading to tire damage is that Driving over obstaclesas it is given with high and sharp-edged curbs. This can either visibly damage the tire immediately and lead to an abrupt loss of air, or the damage initially remains invisible and the consequences arise afterwards, again at higher speeds or on longer journeys.


Flatfoot: disaster for tires and drivers


Manufacturing defects as a possible cause

Also Manufacturing defects of the tire manufacturer have already led to blown tires and even accidents. At the turn of the millennium, Bridgestone had to accept the largest tire recall in history, taking back and replacing around 6.5 million of its second brand Firestone. A defective rim can also be responsible for a flat tire. In general it can be said that a tire bursts when its basic concern is destroyed. There can be many possible causes for this.


Get new tires

If the tire is broken, you should visit a specialist tire workshop as soon as possible to repair the tire or, in the best case, replace the tire with a new one. With our tire price search engine, as a car owner, you will find a huge range of branded tires at dealerships in your area. Here you can compare current prices and order directly from the tire dealer of your choice.


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