Can we cook without oil

Roasting without fat: is that even possible?

Frying without fat is quite possible. The easiest way to do this is to use a coated frying pan. Meat, vegetables, fried eggs or other food will not burn in it and can therefore be cooked with low calories. Many types of meat, such as minced meat, also contain enough of their own fat that escapes during frying. In this case, you can fry without additional fat in a pan without a coating.

Another alternative to roast fat is mineral water with a high carbon dioxide content. The benefits of this cooking method include the calories you can save this way. Cleaning the pan is also often easier and faster after frying without fat. The method is particularly suitable for food that is only briefly fried, e.g. poultry, beef, pork or vegetables.

First let the frying pan get hot on the stove. Then add mineral water sparingly to the pan, in about the same amount as you would otherwise have used for frying oil. Heat the water, then add the meat or vegetables to the pan and fry them as usual. Once the mineral water has evaporated, keep adding smaller amounts. There must not be too much water - otherwise meat or vegetables will not be fried, but steamed. However, too little water is also not recommended so that nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan and burns.

No matter which method you use to fry without fat: Remember that you are not only saving calories, but that fat is an important flavor carrier and the result could be less aromatic. You should therefore add a little high-quality oil to the prepared food. If you stick to a very small amount, you have still saved a lot of fat. The advantage of this cooking method: Most vegetable oils provide valuable "healthy fats" that can be lost when the heat is too high - but they are retained when they are cold.