What are the best book exchange services

Peace on earth: festive decorations with maps and globes

Last year, this time around, we talked about the best way to store fresh herbs, how to get rid of the ants in the kitchen, and how to create a death trap for fruit flies. (It really works!) We also checked out Patrick Blanc's beautiful vertical gardens, rounded up some of the best online book exchange services, warned about the high levels of lead in urban soil (be careful gardeners!), And took a tour of them the Swiss farmers market in London, England. Read on for these posts and more of them over the past year!

  • Green Style: Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens
  • Eco-friendly Maine Home
  • How To: Prevent And Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen
  • Toddler pillows from Fabricadabra
  • Summary: Online Book Exchange Services
  • Green idea: turn your tote bags into pillows
  • Warning! High lead content in urban soil
  • A tour of the Swiss farmers market in London, England
  • Second rain: Inconspicuous rain collection
  • Picnic Tip: How to Make a Watermelon Sling
  • Green Style: Jes Anthonis' Look Glass Studio
  • Store like fresh herbs to make them last
  • Living with less: survival strategies
  • VAST composite paver
  • Fruit fly death trap