What is the purpose of the starter

Starter Rotax

Lever and Lever Guard are not stock items but are produced at your request with the selected colors and adapters. Despite everything and the comparatively expensive production in Germany, we try everything to keep the prices at a good level for you.

On working days, production usually takes place on the same day (except perhaps at the beginning of the week when orders from the weekend have accumulated) and we try to ship it on the same day. Production and warehouse work until 5:00 p.m. and are still producing and shipping if DHL has already picked up for that day.

Unfortunately, in the past, in combination with purchase on account, customers ordered the best color combinations in three, four or more sets in order to send back the ones they didn't like. Partly unpacked, grown, scratched and no longer usable. However, we do not want to pass this massive loss on to all of our customers.

We exclude these articles from revocation in accordance with applicable law (see revocation) and refer to Section 312g (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB)

So that you do not have to sit on products that are "unusable" for you when you order incorrectly, we have described a 30-day conversion option for you at an additional cost below.

Alternatively, we also offer goodwill return for a value replacement in the amount of € 35 per set. Optional € 38.90 if you want us to send you a DHL return label.

Unannounced returns will automatically be charged with 35 € value replacement when credited.

You can order both via the service form.

For explanation:

  • Every Raximo lever set or lever guards are individual production. Due to the countless possible combinations of colors and adapters, there are no finished products in stock.
  • Each set consists of more than 20 batch-managed individual parts, which are then collected in the warehouse according to the customer's request
  • to be individually assembled in our production facility near Munich.
  • The levers are then checked again, packaged and shipped.
  • You will receive the production sheet with the check of the production and the dispatch with the levers you have ordered as well as a serial number card for tracing the production.

Color exchange after purchase

If you don't like a color in retrospect, we can help you within 30 days Modify individual colors upon receipt. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at a later point in time.

However, due to production, only the set, not individual levers.

For each component that we exchange, we charge you € 14 and a DHL exchange flat rate of € 4.90 for shipping there and back. You can find the form for this.

The costs of the exchange components never exceed the price of the set when buying a new one.

With every lever or lever guard there is a picture of the color palette that shows the colors of the anodized very well. If that is not enough for you, you will find it Color palette also in every LOUIS branch and in all Raximo partner stores where you can of course also order the levers and lever guards.

With the start of the 2021 season it will be more and more Raximo partner stores where you can have the parts from Raximo attached. The patterns and color samples are also available there. We will publish a map and list of all stores from April 2021.

As a rule, orders received before 2 p.m. are picked, assembled and dispatched on the same day. At the beginning of the week it can take 1-2 days longer due to the high volume of orders.

The attachment / replacement is only to be carried out by qualified personnel without changing the component and the instructions in the ABE supplied must be observed.

Replacement after a fall:

Should you have had a fall or fall over, we offer you the post-production of a page. The costs for this are then exactly half the set price plus shipping of 3.90? within Germany or up to a maximum of 12.00? in the EU. For this we need the original order number or the serial number from you and you will then receive an offer that you have to confirm in order to trigger production. You can find the form for this in your customer area.

Your MTP Racing team.