What can I do with the Blekkos API

Create slash tags with Blekko

Blekko is a search engine that is currently still in the private beta phase (just follow @blekko to access and wait for invitation). There you can use slash tags to search through Amazon articles or Flickr images, for example. In the Flickr example, you can simply enter “/ Flickrbrot” and get all photos with bread. Such tags can be created for yourself (and shared with others).

Slash tag name & description

First we have to define with which slash tag we want to search. To do this, we have to go to "create a slashtag" in the navigation under the account settings. I took "blogroll" as my name so that I can search through all my blogroll pages with / blogroll. The description is also "Blogroll".

Define websites

Now we can choose the pages in which to search. I just went through my blogroll links for this. It would be nice if you would think of me when choosing the websites 😉

At this point, the websites can also be uploaded via .txt or .opml files in addition to direct input.


As described above, you can share your slash tags with other parts. For example, you can search for / stevieswebsite / blogrolltest to search with my blogroll slash tag. If you don't want that, you can classify your slash tag as private below.

Create Blekko Slashtag

Edit slash tag

After adding, you get to a page where you can edit the entries. Here you can also see the ranking, which unfortunately cannot be influenced:

Blekko Slashtag edit


I think the idea with the slash tags is very good! It would of course be best if you could rate individual websites and thus adjust the ranking (not only for slash tags) according to your wishes.


Gretus wrote on 08/11/2010:

Hello, I hadn't looked at the function in more detail. The best thing to do is to register some tags that will probably be used intuitively in the future (/ love etc.) and always only enter your own pages ;-) Greetings Gretus

Stefan Wienströer wrote on August 12, 2010:

Unfortunately that doesn't work :-( You can only search your own tags like this. Others can call up the tags like this: / seounited / seo

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