What exactly is German New Medicine

"New Germanic Medicine": There are no diseases, only mental conflicts!

Cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and all other diseases do not develop in the way conventional medicine wants us to believe. In truth everything is completely different, and thanks to this truth all diseases can be cured. And you can experience them on March 9th in Weiz, Eastern Styria.

However, a bit of commitment is required if you want to be part of it: "The exact location of the lecture will be announced by email three days before the date. If you register accordingly and have the necessary entrance fee on hand, you can then hear the "Introductory Lecture in Germanic Medicine®".

Imprisonment and escape

Germanic medicine is also known as "Germanic New Medicine" and was developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer. The German studied medicine and theology; however, his license as a doctor was withdrawn in 1986. He has continued to practice ever since, which has earned him several prison terms over the years. He escaped further arrest warrants, including those in Austria and Germany, in 2007 by fleeing to Norway.

Others continue his mission to spread the "Germanic New Medicine", for example the Austrian Helmut Pilhar, on whose homepage the lecture in Weiz was announced. What will be heard there is described by the German Cancer Society in a statement (PDF) as "an untenable, abstruse, unscientific and pseudo-scientific thought structure".

Conflict resolution instead of treatment

An assessment that is quite understandable in view of Hamer's teaching. Every illness, according to the "Germanic New Medicine", arises from a "conflict shock experience"; so an unforeseen psychological trauma. The body reacts to this with a "meaningful biological special program (SBS)" that we would perceive as a disease, but which is actually already part of the healing process. In no case should one come up with the idea of ​​disrupting this "special program" with drugs or operations, but rather "resolve" the conflict experience. Then the body heals itself.

Hamer discovered these alleged connections, which are also known in the "Germanic New Medicine" under the name "The Iron Rule of Cancer", when he fell ill with testicular cancer after the accidental death of his son. Since then, Hamer has been convinced that every illness is based on some traumatic experience and has developed adventurous theories.

Caries caused by "foreign" children

Tooth decay, for example, is a conflict of "not being able to bite" that arises in children when they are intimidated by older foreign classmates. AIDS does not exist, it is just a "smegma allergy" and if a left-handed woman gets diabetes it is because she is disgusted with the male member. At least that's how Hamer explained his teaching in a "Spiegel" article from 1997, which is also reproduced on Helmut Pilhar's homepage.

A "smegma" allergy and the diabetes-causing penis disgust of left-handed women could still be dismissed as absurd nonsense. The special mention of the "foreign" classmates who are said to be responsible for tooth decay - together with the designation of the teaching as "Germanic" - create a completely different picture. An image that Hamer further reinforces from Norway.

The Jews are to blame for everything

In a documentation by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation from 2010, for example, he had no hesitation in referring to chemotherapy as an invention and "weapon" of the Jews:

"[The Jews] don't want the rest of the world to survive. That's why two billion people have been killed with chemotherapy."

Because of this, and because most oncologists are Jews, chemotherapy does not actually attempt a cure. Instead, tiny poison chips would be implanted in the patient, explains Hamer in the documentation. They would be injected with a syringe and contain a poison chamber that can be triggered remotely by satellite.

Lucrative "alternative"

But it is probably not (only) because of the anti-Semitic and racist statements Hamer that his "Germanic New Medicine" still has followers despite everything. The reason why it still seems worthwhile to offer lectures and seminars is more the simple message and the great hope that sick people want and can see in his teaching. It is perfectly understandable that one is afraid of a serious or even fatal illness. Fear of the disease itself but also of long, complicated and perhaps painful therapy.

But if you are told that the disease is not only not a disease, but a "healing process", and that a therapy is not only unnecessary but even harmful, then the "Germanic New Medicine" suddenly appears as a tempting alternative to "conventional medicine" . So tempting that it is obviously worthwhile to keep holding lectures and seminars in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The appointment in Weiz is just one of many, in between you can also find out more about "Germanic New Medicine" in "online webinars".

Deadly lure

None of this would be so bad if it weren't for the serious illnesses that Hamer and his followers keep talking about. Many diseases do not require any special therapy and will disappear on their own if the body is given the appropriate rest. But not many either. And since the "Germanic New Medicine" almost always advises against any therapy or drug treatment, this has dramatic consequences for its followers.

"Of 50 cancer patients who were treated by Hamer and whose fate was checked by the German authorities, only 7 survived," writes "Spiegel" in a report from 1995. The reason for this was the case of Olivia Pilhar, who had cancer and caused a sensation across Europe. Olivia, whose parents refused to give her medical treatment and relied entirely on Hamer's teaching, was finally able to receive reasonable therapy.

Punishment and education

In 2010, 12-year-old Susanne from Germany wasn't so lucky. Her parents also broke off the therapy in order to leave the child entirely to the "Germanic New Medicine". Although her cancer could have been treated well, Susanne died. Of course, Hamer is not aware of any guilt and explains that the girl had been implanted with one of those poison chips without being noticed, with which she could then be "switched off" on the spot.

In view of such statements, there is not much left than to refer again to the conclusion of the opinion of the German Cancer Society:

"That is why the" Germanic New Medicine "must be emphatically rejected as absurd on the one hand, but proven dangerous on the other. Its dissemination must be stopped by all available means - legally and through the means of enlightenment." (Florian Freistetter, February 16, 2016)