Why is there no Windows 9 operating system

Why doesn't Windows 9 come after Windows 8 but Windows 10?

Microsoft actually developed the successor to Windows 8.1 until autumn 2014 under the code name "Threshold" and in this context also used the term Windows 9 in places. Because the new operating system, however, as the code name suggests - after all, the English word is "threshold" as much as threshold - a new era should begin with it. Not only are the internal development teams at Microsoft now working more closely together, but with Windows 10, Microsoft is also seeing its operating system as a kind of service for the first time. So in the future there will no longer be any large new "major" versions of Windows, but rather a continuous development in the form of countless small and large updates.

Microsoft officially starts the Windows 10 October 2020 update

Windows 10 will therefore still have the same name in a few years' time, even if it will of course change and develop significantly by then. The same platform on all devices: Windows 10 Microsoft itself said in autumn 2014 that Windows 10 was a "fundamental step forward". Windows 9 "came and went" internally, said Tony Prophet, the manager responsible for relations with hardware manufacturers, at the time. Windows 10, on the other hand, is such a big leap that the naming makes it clear that there are significant differences to earlier versions.

Among other things, Windows 10 creates a uniform platform or an ecosystem that covers all possible form factors - be it the Internet of Things device, a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook, a desktop PC, a server or the Xbox Game console - the same software core is to be used on all devices in the future. Instead of developing a separate version for each type of device, a common core is adapted in each case.

In connection with the naming, Microsoft also spoke of the fact that the new version of Windows also has a "Perfect 10", an absolutely perfect product. In addition, you want to make it clear that this is the last major version of Windows, since the already mentioned fast, frequent updates will be relied on immediately, which is considered to be much more contemporary than the previous type of development.

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