What is time together in music

"The time together was very enriching"

"The time together was very enriching"


For almost a quarter of a century they have been inspiring with their innovative yet original sounds. But now the Laseyer quartet has decided to silence their music. Daniel Bösch, member and accordion player, tells why it comes to a breakup and looks back on a musically “valuable time”.

Why did the Laseyer quartet decide to split up?

We have been performing together for a good 24 years now. They say you should stop when it is most beautiful. That time has now come for us. Last year we decided together to part ways for April 2018.

Will the music continue to accompany you and if so, how?

Definitely! All of our troupe will continue to have music as a companion in their lives. I also really want to keep making music. I accompany yodelling songs, have a project with Karin Enzler in prospect and would also like to keep my hobby privately. After April, however, there will be a creative break for the first time to collect myself and to reorient myself.

They don't separate until spring. When will the quartet's next concert take place?

Tonight at 7.15 p.m. we will play an “Olma concert” in the Santa Maria church in Neudorf. Next week we will play another concert in the small council chamber in Appenzell. The Laseyer quartet is actually very well booked until the end.

What do you wish for the upcoming concerts?

That as many people as possible come and that we can give them a lot of joy. We want to be fondly remembered by everyone who values ​​our music.

In retrospect, what were the best moments with the Laseyer quartet?

All of our time together was very enriching. I particularly fondly remember our appearances abroad. I also look back with pleasure on the Christmas concerts, the 20th anniversary in Teufen and the CD recording. (saw)