Where does the Ganga river end


A ghat is a step towards the river. Here you can see the Mayer Ghat in Kolkata, in the east of India.

The Ganges is a river in Asia. Compared to other rivers, it is not that long, for example it is slightly shorter than the Danube. There are only two other rivers in the world that carry so much water with them.

The river has its source in the Himalayas, the great mountains in the north of India. It then flows through India and Bangladesh and ends up becoming a huge river delta. This area is in both countries. The river arms of the Ganges flow into the Bay of Bengal, which belongs to the Indian Ocean.

Thanks to the Ganges there is a lot of water for agriculture. In addition, over 140 different species of fish live in the river. Many people also get the water they drink from the river. However, the Ganges is one of the worst polluted rivers on earth.

For many people in India, the river is very important for another reason: for their religion. Hindus always think of the Ganges when they use water. The Ganges is their most sacred river. A bath in the Ganges should free them from their sins, i.e. from their mistakes or bad deeds. When they die, many Hindus want their bodies to be cremated. The ashes are then to be thrown into the Ganges.

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