How reliable is the Tesla Model 3

According to the survey, the Tesla Model 3 is the most reliable car in almost all classes in Great Britain

Tesla's Volume Electric Car Model 3 has received another interesting award in the UK: Based on a survey of 13,000 readers, What Car? Voted the most reliable car in the “Executive” class, which, according to consumer magazine, lies between family and luxury cars. The reliability of the Tesla Model 3 was rated 99.4 percent - and that is not only the highest value among the executive cars, but among almost all that were taken into account in the evaluation.

Two small cars in front of Tesla Model 3

For the rankings, a total of 13,000 owners were asked how reliable their vehicle was in the past twelve months, explains What Car ?. So you should say if there were any problems with it and what kind. The magazine also wanted to know how expensive the repair was and how long it took. Based on this information, a combined reliability percentage was calculated for 175 models from 31 brands.

And for the Tesla Model 3, this value is a high 99.4 percent. The magazine writes that their owners have reported problems in the past twelve months for only 5 percent of these electric cars. These would only have affected the interior, i.e. not prevent the Tesla from still being used. In addition, the Model 3 was always repaired within a day or even faster, at no cost to the customer. Only the Skoda Citigo and Toyota Aygo did better in the small car class: Their reliability at What Car? achieved a full 100 percent because nobody had any problems with it.

Mercedes C-Class in the Tesla group in the back

In all other classes, including his own, the Tesla Model 3 remained unmatched. In executive cars, there is the Skoda Superb with a gasoline engine, which came to 98.3 percent with occasional engine, interior and electrical problems. The list of the least reliable cars in the class, on the other hand, is headed by the Mercedes C-Class. Every third copy of it is said to have had problems, preferably with the electrical system.

Surveys in the USA have already shown that Tesla electric cars are very popular with their owners, despite an above-average number of small defects. The British survey confirms that Model 3 is not perfect, but very reliable in its core function of driving. And in Great Britain, Tesla even seems to be able to carry out necessary interior repairs under warranty quickly and to the satisfaction of customers.

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