What is your crush

Psycho test: is your crush on you? Find out now!

It's not that easy to confess your feelings to someone if you don't even know whether the other feels the same as you do.There are a few signals that tell you whether your crush is on you.

Is she / he very relaxed in your immediate vicinity or is she / he waving her hair and standing there restlessly? Then that's a clear indication that your crush will get nervous the moment he's around you, and that's pretty telling. You should also pay attention to how your crush behaves when flirting on Instagram & Co.: Does your crush react quickly or even write you a message? That doesn't have to be a sign, but it does show that he / she is interested in what you do and share.


Take the test: is your crush on you?

Yes, love can sometimes be quite complicated, because the signs and signals are not always clear. Then you are totally in the dark and have no idea whether the other person can even imagine a relationship with you. An annoying situation that anyone who is secretly in love knows. This test will tell you what your crush really feels for you: