How has Virtual Studio developed?

Program more efficiently with Microsoft Visual Studio

In a nutshell, Microsoft Visual Studio can be described as a central development environment for high-level programming languages. In this article we explain exactly how the software solution works and what it can do.

More comfortable programming

Behind Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment - DIE for short - which can be used to program in different languages. Probably the most common are Visual Basic, C, C ++, C #, SQL Server, PHP and Python. In addition, Visual Studio is also suitable for development with Javascript, HTML and CSS. A broad portfolio that can be completely covered by a central environment.

Various functions make it easier than ever for developers to switch between different programming languages ​​and keep an overview: Visual Studio, for example, automatically checks the syntax of the different languages, automatically adds methods or functions and also offers graphical interfaces. This provides relief, a better overview and enormous time savings when coding. You can sustainably increase productivity, improve code quality and optimize agility in your team.

Jack of all trades Visual Studio

With Visual Studio, you can create apps, games, or extensions in the programming language of your choice. To make it easier for you to get started, in this overview we show you the most important functions and solutions that await you with Microsoft Visual Studio.


Develop: Build your code, navigate it neatly, and fix bugs faster than ever.

Debug: Easily debug, profile and diagnose.

Testing: Create high quality code with comprehensive testing tools.

Co-working: Use version control, be flexible, and collaborate efficiently.

Extensions: Choose from thousands of extensions to customize your DIE according to your personal preferences.


Windows: Develop apps and games for any Windows device.

Mobile apps: Create native or hybrid apps for Android, iOS and Windows.

Azure apps: Build and manage cloud apps and easily deploy them to Azure.

Web applications: Develop modern web apps with flexible and powerful open source tools.

Office: Use powerful tools for any type of office development.

Games: Develop, program and debug with state-of-the-art graphics and scripting tools.

OwnExtensions: Writing your own extensions for Visual Studio.

Database: Develop and deploy SQL Server and Azure SQL databases with ease.

You too can benefit from the professional development environment!

Are you interested in using Microsoft Visual Studio for your company? We would be happy to advise you on all the options for acquiring a license and provide detailed information about the various options and features - we look forward to your inquiry!