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Oh holy musician breed from Omaha, Nebraska: STATISTICS is another project by Denver Dalley, who was / is part of DESAPARECIDOS with Saddle Creek and BRIGHT EYES boss Conor Oberst. As STATISTICS, Dalley first released an EP and then at the end of last year the album (also on Jade Tree), which compared to the EP is more guitar-heavy and less electronic than I had expected, but that in no way detracts from the appeal. With the opener “Sing a song”, “Leave Your Name” even comes up with a veritable indie rock hymn, STATISTICS inspire with their grandiose, catchy, gentle and at the same time driving indie rock that has what it takes, the size of ELLIOTT, PROMISE RING and JETS TO BRAZIL, with a change from catchy songs and more experimental compositions, as well as extremely thoughtful songs, such as the incredibly lulling “2 am”. I emailed Denver a couple of questions.

You have probably heard the question before: Do you have a degree in statistics? I used to hate that at university ...

“No, I haven't even taken a course in it yet. Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated by it. You could also say, 'The less you understand something, the more it attracts you.' "

What are your STATISTICS doing?

“For me the name simply means unlimited possibilities of interpretation for anyone who hears it. Some might associate it with the dramatic number of road deaths, others might associate it with fascinating statistics about the human body. In addition, in my opinion it is amazing that we are all part of statistics, and that in multiple ways. "

Who are you? How old are you and what was your first record that can be called punk?

“My name is Denver Dalley and I'm 22. I still live in Omaha, Nebraska, which is where I grew up, but I've lived in Tennessee for a while. I grew up with music from BEATLES, PIXIES, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, and NIRVANA. I have no idea what punk is. Perhaps most likely this DIY idea. It could be that the SEX PISTOLS are punk, but maybe also BLINK 182. "

The EP and the album on Jade Tree are very different and I seem to be the only one who likes them both. It seems like most people like either the EP or the album.

“It's an honor that you like one of these. In fact, it's an honor if they don't like it, in fact. It doesn't matter if someone likes, loves or hates my music, it's great that you took the time to listen to it and even feel something about it. "

EP and album are characterized by a multitude of different influences: “Sing A Song” has a slight NIRVANA touch, the EP, on the other hand, is more reminiscent of THE FAINT, JESUS ​​& MARY CHAIN ​​and NEW ORDER. The album is also an intense mix of soft, warm indie pop and 80s goth / wave rock. Please comment on that ...

“I love all of these things, and I love the fact that we've both known these bands for years and become nostalgic, or see a connection in the music, even if the music doesn't exactly sound like the bands just mentioned. "

The word “nostalgia” is also used in the information sheet for your album. How do you face that? Right now the music scene is full of all that 80s nostalgia, and I'm not exactly sure that this development is really that positive.

“If anything, I look back nostalgically on this time in my life. I mean, wanting to know this innocence and more about how things work. So I tried to portray this in my music as well. It's like in the movie 'Donnie Darko' - there the locations and costumes, just like the music, serve to transport you back to this time of your life. "

How come you signed up with Jade Tree despite your contact with Saddle Creek?

“I wanted to work with even more people and develop something of my own. It was a new project and I wanted to create a certain distance from the things I did with DESAPARECIDOS. I love these two labels and can hardly believe that I am even working with both now. "

How is DESAPARECIDOS going on now? What are your priorities?

“The band is currently on hold. We would all like to work on it again soon, but obviously the time is extremely unfavorable for it. "

What inspires you when you play or compose music - musically as well as otherwise?

“What inspires me most is to hear other music, to hear what others do with and with music, how they interpret music. I draw my inspiration from almost every genre of music that is out there. I am also very much inspired by films and the intersection of film and music. I would also like to make film music in the future. "

Does it really matter that you live in Omaha and record your music there?

“Yes, that may be true. It can get lonely in Omaha. In winter you are often forced to stay indoors. It's great to have so many friends here who also make music, but in the end it's a personal thing. "

Is STATISTICS a kind of "ego project" or why did you record everything so well as if you were single-handedly?

“I suppose you can put it that way, but basically I just didn't want to have to keep waiting for other people. I didn't want to be hindered by others from the progress of the project, didn't want to wait for other people to be available to write or play. I wanted to make sure no one would lose their job because they had to record or touring. "

Who else is on tour besides you? What did they do before, or what are they still doing in parallel with the STATISTICS?

"On the one hand there is Matt Baum on the drums, who also played with me at DESAPARECIDOS and then Ryan Fox, who normally plays at THE GOOD LIFE."

Is there a recurring topic in your texts that you yourself
can recognize?

“Ultimately, I leave it up to the listener what to do with it. There are some rough themes and images that keep recurring, but I actually always sing about personal things, trying to allow as much room for interpretation as possible. "

When will you go on a European tour?

"As quickly as possible. I was hoping it would work in May or June, but unfortunately I'm still having some difficulties finding a suitable booker there at the moment. I hope that we can get the problem under control soon. "

How was or is your current US tour and how did they react to the album?

“The tour was absolutely fantastic. We've been on the road for nine weeks and have another week ahead of us. The audience was always great, none of us got sick on the tour, and we didn't have any problems with the tour bus - I don't want to say it too loudly, otherwise something will happen so close to the end. "

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