What is an advertising marketplace

On-line-Advertising marketplace
As an onlineAdvertising marketPlatz is a platform on the Internet on which website operators (publishers) and advertisers (advertisers) buy and sell advertising space (display and text ads as well as video advertising).

The digital one Advertising market collapses, reports the trade press and cites Nielsen.

DIXENO online marketing growth forecast for onlineAdvertising market
Growth forecast for onlineAdvertising market
The online marketers group (OVK) predicts an increase in onlineAdvertising marketit rose by 19% and thus to over five billion euros for 2010.

~ as a sub-market
At 24.9 billion euros, sales correspond to the ~it accounts for 17.4% of total sales in the cultural and creative industries.

Become ~ Looked at on the internet and especially on social networks, you shouldn't be fooled. As in the print sector, coverage on the Internet now also costs real money. What used to be advertisements in major newspapers are now Adwords and Facebook ads.

The advertising network bundles acquired inventory (advertising space), ~places and website operators and refer them to advertisers in the context of keyword campaigns. It can thus be seen as an intermediary between advertisers and online media.

How did the ~ changed?
But how did this new marketing trend come about? The market of the 21st century is now radically different from the market with which many established companies grew up.

Since the ~ The Internet is growing steadily and has already reached a volume of several billion euros, so there are correspondingly many providers of AdServers and AdServer software.

The emergence of Ad Exchanges is against the background of the previous development of the ~understand it. An increasing number of advertisers and advertising networks appeared in the market. As a result, the procedures for displaying advertising content became more and more intransparent and complicated.

From a technical point of view, it is AdBlockers that make the digital one ~ increasingly change. Display advertising is becoming increasingly less relevant for companies as users have installed ad blockers more and more often. Software solutions for switching off ads are also advancing for mobile devices.

The page impression is an important evaluation tool in online~, because the number of visual contacts on a website is a good indication of the extent to which this website is promising for advertising. If it has a lot of page impressions, the ad will of course be shown often.

Now it's official: The growth in online~ has even exceeded the forecast of 10% for 2009. Investments increased by 12% last year. Online advertising now ranks third after TV and newspapers.

Here publishers offer display areas on different ~places (ad exchanges). The following applies: the highest bid wins. To implement the header bidding, a Javascript code and an ad tag are built into the header of a website. The ad tag identifies the buyer's highest bid.

The advertising opportunities on the Internet are very diverse and the ~ continues to grow inexorably. Because with just a few clicks you can reach your target group exactly where they spend most of the (online) time.

This is also true when looking at the whole ~ noticeable. The market for online advertising is forecast to grow massively - the positive developments in display marketing include: attributable to the real-time advertising sector.

The constant development of the ~There is of course a great advantage for your company: there is now a suitable advertising tool for almost every marketing goal.
We have put together an overview of different types of advertising here.

Google and Facebook combine $ 105 billion of ad volume and control more than 20 percent of the global ~s. This means that the two companies that rely exclusively on digital advertising are the clear market leaders.

The im ~ The EDI format used is a standardization of the data record formats for data exchange within the advertising industry, e.g. B. the exchange of tariff, program and booking information between marketers and agencies.
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As a neutral and independent industry research organization in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, WEMF AG for advertising media research collects figures on media use and thus enables transparency in the ~.
In addition, the WEMF provides studies and statistics on the ~ Switzerland available.
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Simply select a country and / or industry and get an overview of the local ~ Your choice.
It's also a great way to see the average CPC payouts you can expect from showing ads in specific industries and regions.

The trend towards digital advertising is also causing numerous black sheep on the scene who fraudulently take a share of the multi-billion dollar online~ want to secure.

Most people are in social networks almost every day, they sometimes spend hours on the portals that used to be primarily used for exchanging information with friends and acquaintances. But social media has long since become a huge one ~ developed.

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