Which wife of the president was an alcoholic?

Glossary - No Alcohol in the White House: Why Joe Biden and Donald Trump are abstainers

No alcohol in the White House: why Joe Biden and Donald Trump are abstainers

In the past, things were often boozy in the White House. Today, on the other hand, you only seem to make it to president with Diet Coke and Gatorade.

What do Donald Trump and his successor Joe Biden have in common? Except that one is US President and the other was, of course. According to their own statements, neither of them have ever drunk a drop of alcohol. It's not because they still remember the good old prohibition. It's because they both have serious alcoholics in their families: Trump's brother Fred was an alcoholic, as were several Uncle Biden's.

Presidents who never touch a drop of alcohol have no tradition in the United States. Only the dry alcoholic George W. Bush swore off alcohol and Jimmy Carter is also reported to have banned alcohol from the White House. All the others were mostly great whiskey and / or wine lovers. Sometimes also in the bad. Nixon is said to have had an alcohol problem and was often abusive after two glasses of wine, as his Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger reported later.

Cola light and Gatorade orange

Trump's abstinence from alcohol has not stopped him from investing in expensive wineries and whiskey production. Profit is more important to him than personal conviction and so he sells his "Taste of Trump" wines for a whopping $ 74 per bottle.

He himself is more economical in this regard, Trump's favorite drink is low-calorie cola light. Successor Joe Biden also likes it healthy - by American standards - and prefers to drink orange gatorade. Extravagant parties cannot be celebrated with an athlete's drink either, the era of abstinence in the Oval Office continues with Biden's election. That's why there is an exercise bike in the White House, because for presidents over 78, instead of long aperitifs, early morning gymnastics and healthy eating are the order of the day.

Obama likes beer and cocktails

Longtime members of the American elite have nostalgic memories of Barack Obama's reign. When the native Hawaiian was the boss, after tough negotiations there were usually cocktail parties in the White House. Obama himself is a beer lover and during his presidency he had his own ale made from honey from the presidential garden.

Clinton drank with Russians

Washington experienced the climax of the beer bliss, however, under Bill Clinton. After a boozy evening with the head of state, his guest, Russian President Yeltsin, was spotted on Pennsylvania Avenue wearing only his underpants.

As a revenge, Clinton destroyed several vodka shots in a Moscow bar on a later occasion before meeting Yeltsin and his wife for breakfast the next morning. And Clinton's wife Hillary is said to be at least as hard-drinking: When she was a senator, she is said to have drunk her Republican adversary John McCain under the table during a drinking game.

In addition to the successes at the drinking events, which of course were done purely out of a sense of duty, Clinton and Obama managed to be re-elected relatively easily. The non-drinkers have a significantly worse record: Neither Trump nor Carter were elected a second time, only Bush Junior was allowed to rule for a full 8 years. If you don't drink alcohol, the truth just slips out too seldom. That doesn't please the voters.

With prospects like this, I think it would be wise for Biden to reconsider staying dry. Otherwise he risks a similar political dry spell as his abstinent predecessor suffered. In contrast to Trump, however, Biden still has one trump card in hand: his Vice President Kamala Harris, an avowed wine lover.