Who invented the PUBG mobile game

The game and its story

Brendan Greene was offered by the South Korean development studio Bluehole to implement his ideas as a game designer for a new game in the Battle Royal genre. He used the nickname "PlayerUnknown" in online games. This is where the name "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS" came from. The name is consistently capitalized for marketing purposes because, according to Greene, “it just looks better”.

Game world

The game world is a remote and spacious island based on the Eastern European ideal, which is based on brutalism and the Soviet Union in the 1950s. The world covers a size of about 64 square kilometers. The play zone of the open world game world becomes smaller in certain time intervals and the player suffers damage if he is outside the defined area. In the game world itself there are abandoned houses, streets, forests and villages. Various items of equipment such as weapons, helmets or bulletproof vests are located at defined points on the map, usually in houses or covered regions.

Game principle and game mechanics

The principle is based on the Japanese film and manga Battle Royale. As a player, you parachute from an airplane to a remote island. There he has to try to survive as long as possible. The playable character can be freely designed beforehand. A circular border becomes smaller in certain time intervals and causes damage to players if they are not yet within the safe area.

This will direct the players to a random point on the map. Before this, the upcoming reduction is already indicated by a marker on the minimap. The game is limited to multiplayer mode. Alone or as a team of two or four, you fight against up to 100 other players. Different weapons, vehicles, clothing and other equipment that can be found in the game world are available to you. Rare weapons and items are sent out via so-called air drops, which are randomly placed in the game world, and often cause battles between players.

Alternatively, it is also possible to play in the third-person view instead of the first-person view. The winner is the player or the squad with a maximum of four players, which is the last one left. An average round lasts about 30 minutes, but varies greatly between the different skills of the players and the chance factor or luck in finding equipment. After a game, the players receive experience points based on their kills and survival time, among other things, which they can use for purely visual character improvements. Purely optical items such as clothing can also be traded on the Steam marketplace or bought in crates for experience points in the main menu.

Custom games and mods

The so-called custom game functions enable players to open matches with their own rules and to create their own game modes. One of them is z. B. a zombie mode, which was later officially implemented by the developers. Most of the players take on the role of a zombie and have to try to infect the surviving players. The zombies have the advantage of being outnumbered and the survivors have the opportunity to use weapons, equipment and bandage tools.


The first “PUBG Invitational Tournament” was held at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne. 92 players from 19 countries took part in this competition to win prize money of US $ 350,000. The event was hosted by publisher Bluehole and the Electronic Sports League between August 23rd and 26th. Up to 5.6 million viewers saw the tournament on the Chinese live streaming provider PandaTV. In Europe, too, PUBG was the game with the most viewers on Twitch for the days the tournament was broadcast.