What are the benefits of online marketing

Online marketing or print advertising - what are the advantages?

Is it really that time? Is print advertising going under without a hitch while online marketing continues its triumphant advance? Or wouldn't it be much more worthwhile to combine the advantages of both forms of marketing?

Digital advertising or online marketing includes advertising measures such as banners, postings in social media, email marketing, content marketing, pop-up banners, video clips, SEM and much more. One of the great advantages of digital advertising is the ability to distribute content that is relevant to the target group and linked to relevant keywords.

The advantages of online marketing

In addition, the costs can be optimally planned and the range can be measured relatively easily and precisely. In this way, the efficiency of marketing activities can be analyzed and adjusted at any time. Viral distribution is another advantage, as it is one of the cheapest, fastest and most far-reaching ways of delivering advertising messages to the target group. In addition, online marketing is cheaper than print advertising.

Online marketing put to the test

But with all the pluses there are also disadvantages in online marketing. Confidence in printed messages is still higher than in digital ones. So far, print content has been able to sustainably defend this bonus in respectability. In addition, the excessive use of online advertising led to sensory overload on the part of customers. They responded with ad blockers and perceive intrusive online advertising as annoying and negative. There is a great danger here of being equated with spam. Another risk lies in ratings and comments on social networks. What is optimal advertising in the positive case can quickly turn into the opposite in the negative case, up to shit storm and damage to reputation. The competition is always just a click away, and content can be quickly compared. Speed ​​is required here in order to keep up with the times and to convince customers.

Print advertising is still in demand

Advertising measures such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters, business cards and much more are still used successfully, regardless of the great online hype. Because it is precisely the authenticity and credibility of high-quality print products that online advertising measures cannot achieve. Paper appeals to the senses, can be felt and smelled - something that online advertising is not (yet) capable of. Print advertising is usually more sustainable, as customers often keep a catalog or brochure and leaf through it several times. The advertising effect in the print area is reinforced by additional individualization or personalization.

Disadvantages of print advertising

But with all the advantages - the cost factor is big with print advertising. Printing materials are usually more expensive than storage space or traffic. There is also a risk of wastage or even round storage - throwing it in the wastepaper basket. Another disadvantage is the low flexibility: once a product has been printed, it can no longer be adapted, changed or individualized. And the range cannot be measured as precisely and easily as in online marketing.

Cross-media marketing: combining the best of online marketing and print advertising

Since both have advantages and disadvantages, it is most effective to use a cross-media mix. In this way, the best of online marketing and print advertising can be combined and supplemented. You increase the bandwidth of your target group and can accompany them through various media channels at the same time. An example of additional advertising is a QR code that leads to a digital product on a print product.

With a marketing portal like novabrand, both advertising channels can be perfectly combined. Here partners can customize and order both print and digital advertising. The novabrand marketing portal is ideal for those who want to use efficient cross-media marketing. It supports multimedia campaigns as well as print measures and online marketing.