Is someone in the Mile High Club

Mile High Club at Cessna 421

# 421 - Mile High Club in the Cessna 421

If we put the energy we as humans into finding original places for sex positions or absurd practices into climate change, then we would no longer have problems with climate change. Either because we could get it under control or because there would be fewer people. In any case, it's amazing what you really think about. 80 million Americans, for example, would like to be members of the Mile High Club.

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Most of them are men. Why am I not surprised? Even with men the question arises, what is it that they think so keenly about “popping” on an airplane toilet? Now let's be honest: the smell of an average airplane toilet alone turns me off, at least completely. This also explains why most Mile High Club members at the moment - it is estimated that there are around 1.5 million of them - actually fly more upscale price classes. They then fly first class, for example, where some airlines already offer a kind of double bed anyway and the toilets could almost be bathrooms in spas - at least with the really big airlines. Or they just fly around privately and then their personal pilot is in front and nobody else has lost anything in the back, except for the two love dusts.

Because it's so exciting and somehow also stands for success - and I made it in life because I found a woman who would even sleep with me in an airplane toilet - all kinds of people do it. Or at least say so. You can become a member of the club - yes, there is a website where you can apply for membership. There are t-shirts, mugs and caps and hoodies, all with a super chic Mile High Club logo. Because of course you don't just want to have sex above the clouds, i.e. more than a mile above the ground. No, you want to communicate that to the world afterwards. This is exactly where the Mile High Club differs from all other forms of transport.

I've never heard anyone brag about having sex on a train. Would that be the Mile Long Club then? Or how about all the other vehicles that you can imagine? Sex in the car, sex in the long-distance bus - that would be the Flexy Club? In any case, all these means of transport have in common that you have to pay attention if you want to have sex in them. It also includes the Mile High Club. Sometimes you just can't avoid it. For example, in 2015 in Stockholm a flight attendant congratulated a couple on successfully reproducing. By announcement on the plane!

Singapore Airlines offered its passengers discretion when introducing the A380. There would be double beds in first class, but you would then ask to be considerate of the other passengers. Because unfortunately the cabins are not soundproofed. Yes, yes, it is, the lusts of Singapore Airlines travelers.

The very first member, by the way, is the pilot and designer Lawrence Sperry. In 1916 he tested a self-constructed autopilot over New York. What better way to do it than to just have sex with someone while the autopilot that you've just put together decides whether to stay on the facade in the Hudson, or any high-rise building, or maybe just stay in the air. At least one case is also on record in which sex on board a sex plane was involved in an aircraft accident.

If all of this sounds too dangerous for you, if you shy away from publicity and don't want any spectators anyway, but still have membership in the Mile High Club as a lifelong dream, we can help. We would like to thank the podcast and twitter neighbors very briefly. @nackimkopf suggested talking about the Cessna 421 from the company “Lovecloud Vegas”.

The Cessna 421 is usually completely unspectacular. This is basically a six-seater private plane. But of course you can "pluck it out" and build a bed in. Et voilá, the flying love nest is ready!

The operator assures on the website that the pilot has soundproof headphones and therefore cannot listen to the goings-on behind him. Ticket prices start at $ 799 per flight, which is 30 minutes and a VIP membership card is then included and go up to $ 1,400. Then it's a flight of 1.5 hours. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the aircraft to be at the correct altitude. Then you can buy your membership there and then the bird will land again in 5 to 10 minutes. That is, if you're unlucky, you could have had sex for exactly 10 minutes for $ 800. That would be about the length of a narrated podcast. I know what: I offer podcast flights. 800 $ and you can listen to the latest story for 10 minutes. I will be rich!

For the $ 1,400, on the other hand, you would of course have 1.5 hours. I would say there is also a little foreplay. Either way, I personally could think of something more exciting to start with at $ 1,400. The idea of ​​someone being flown around to get a membership, which is only worth something if I tell the world about it afterwards - at least they turn me off.

See you soon.