How can I regain spontaneity

Being spontaneous: 12 tips + 6 advantages of spontaneity

If you only think of how you should have reacted in retrospect, it is usually too late. Spontaneity is required in many situations. However, it doesn't suit everyone. We explain why being spontaneous is important and give tips to increase your spontaneity.

Making plans and then putting them into action is not a bad habit. However, it can be quite limiting if you plan your everyday life down to the smallest detail every day. Do you have too many fixed appointments? your spontaneity suffers and you are sure to miss one or the other experience. Too many appointments also mean that you are constantly energized and you may be causing yourself stress.

So it is always a good idea to work on personal spontaneity. You don't have to give up your personal routine to do this. It is enough if you change it a little here or there. Nobody holds it against you if you need a little security in your everyday life. This is created by Plans and detailed considerations.

But also remember that you can make a spontaneous undertaking happy. Maybe you will make new friends or meet the man or woman of your dreams. In the following we explain why spontaneity is so important and give tips to help you become more spontaneous.

Tips for more spontaneity

Tip for more spontaneity: Don't think too much

You can be spontaneous work out. If you practice regularly, you will soon react spontaneously in the most stressful situations. In the following we have put together a few tips for you that will contribute to your spontaneity.

Don't think too much

If you tend to think twice about everything, you should give it up as soon as possible. It is not healthy to reflect on everything you do first. Perhaps you too often imagine how the other person might react if you do something specific. These Speculation can get you so confused that you don't do anything. Try not to worry too much beforehand. Then maybe something goes wrong one time, but you succeed another time.

Of course, you should still think a little bit. Permanent lack of reflection is no good for anyone. It is also important that you do not careless or put other people in danger. Always treat your friends and colleagues with respect and listen to them.

Don't go into too much

You can make a few plans with pleasure. Your everyday life shouldn't be too busy, otherwise there is no time for spontaneity. If you undertake too much in a day, you will only get stressed and not enjoy the moment. Planning every single minute of an event not only takes time, it also costs nerves.

Get out of your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone

Being spontaneous means leaving your own comfort zone every now and then. Have the confidence to do things that you would otherwise never do. Interrupting your personal routine is probably not that easy at first because it gives you security. But a routine also ensures that you are less spontaneous and less attentive.

Overcome possible shynessand just talk to someone on the street. Or you can start with something very simple, like a new route to your work. Perhaps you will meet an interesting person on the way or you will experience something else exciting.

Have no inhibitions

If you want to try something new, you shouldn't have any inhibitions. If you don't dare to do it alone, you ask your best friend for help. She will surely be happy to support you. In no case do not let yourself be unsettled, even if something does not go as planned. New challenges strengthen your self-confidence and soon lead to you reacting more spontaneously than usual.

Make time for hobbies

Of course, there are always chores in life that you have to do. Still, it's important that you have time for other things, especially those that bring you joy. Think about it, what you absolutely want to achieve in your life. That can be learning an instrument (tips on learning the piano and violin are available here). You might also want to be creative and start sewing, knitting or drawing.

In any case, make sure that in everyday life Time for hobbies stays that make you happy. Only then will you be satisfied with your life in the long run and achieve what you set out to do.

Be happy

Be happy and smile

Fun and joy are very important in life. Be curious and open to other people and events. In many cases, spontaneity then happens all by itself. Perfectionism doesn't have to be. By doing this, you are only causing yourself stress and putting yourself under pressure. Be satisfied with what you have and what you can do.

Smiling helps you to show your well-being to the outside world. Not only do you make your fellow human beings happy, you also feel yourself even more comfortable. So try to smile every now and then and watch how other people react to it.

Stand by your mistakes

Do not let yourself be confused if something does not go as planned. However, you must not cover up your mistakes and try to justify your behavior. Stand by your mistakes. That makes you believable and personable. If you are uncomfortable with something, it is best to speak to the person concerned and apologize. This way you get all ambiguities out of the way immediately.

It is also important that you see mistakes as something human. It is not a catastrophe if you do something wrong. It happens to everyone. Forget the mistake and try again. This is the only way to learn and to get better and better at what you do.

Don't get caught up in mistakes

Don't get angry about your mistakes

It is important that you stand by your mistakes, but you shouldn't get hung up on them. If you are not satisfied with your reaction in a certain situation, think carefully about what you could do better next time. You will definitely get a second chance.

Don't be angry that you realize your mistakes too late, but rather be glad that you notice them in the first place. So you can change something about the situation and next time react differently.

Separate work and free time

If you have good time management, you do all the duties during your work hours and relax afterwards. You can find relaxation exercises for every occasion here. Ideally, you organize your everyday life in such a way that you do each week at least one day is available on which you have no obligations. If you wake up in the morning and have no plans, you can spontaneously think about what you want to do that day.

Discover new perspectives

Look out other perspectives on your everyday life. You can do that by taking a different route to work. You are sure to find interesting things along the way. Perhaps what you see inspires you to take further spontaneous actions.

The same applies to your day-to-day work. If you get stuck with brainstorming, ask yours Colleagues for support. They look at the problem differently and may be able to help you. If you are always spontaneous in familiar situations, you can do it in unforeseen, difficult moments. Along the way, you'll also become more confident.

Live the moment

Live the moment

If you find your plans are not working out, you should drop them. There's absolutely no point in clinging to your thoughts obsessively. That only drives you to despair in the long run. Rather enjoy the moment and follow your intuition. This often results in solutions as if by themselves. Maybe also things that you hadn't even thought of before.

You can delete many appointments from your calendar right away. Always ask yourself whether you really need to keep a certain date. Because it is also important Spending time with yourself. Otherwise you will lose sight of yourself and your needs. It is not uncommon for this to have a negative impact on your health. Accept yourself for who you are and try not to pretend to be someone else.

Make your own decisions

Being spontaneous also has something to do with independence and self-confidence. Don't let others persuade you to do things you don't feel like doing. Stand by yours own beliefs and don't let yourself be unsettled. Of course, you are not always allowed to determine everything and you have to let your friends have their say. But if that happens too often, you may be influenced by them and they will make all decisions for you. You should prevent that as much as possible.

Be spontaneous: that's why it's worth it

Spontaneity is good for the relationship

Spontaneity (also: spontaneity) shapes your life. This applies both to particularly spontaneous people and to those who prefer to make plans. A little spontaneity has never hurt anyone. There are many different reasons why being spontaneous is healthy. In the following we present a selection.

You train your adaptability

If you are spontaneous, you have no problem getting used to new situations. Do you plan too much, bring you Changes quickly out of focus and may make you very unhappy. Imagine you have only been dating a new partner for a few weeks. If you already know exactly what your wedding will look like and where you will live at this point in time, it can quickly backfire.

Maybe something unexpected happens and you have to move. In the worst case scenario, your relationship won't work out. Then not only are you lovesick, but you also have to throw all your plans overboard. That makes the situation even more difficult. Don't you mind a little wiggle room and if you give your partner the chance to get used to the togetherness, they will feel much more comfortable.

Spontaneity also meant that you improvise and get the best out of different situations. This way you don't put any pressure on yourself and save yourself a lot of anger and suffering.

You create memories

Create memories

Even if you actually enjoy making plans, you will probably fondly remember a few spontaneous actions that made you happy and satisfied for a moment. In such a case, it doesn't matter if the spontaneous action had negative consequences at a later point in time. They stay in the memory positive impressions receive.

You solve problems

If you know how to improvise and react spontaneously to different situations, you can quickly get problems out of the way. Because spontaneity is an important one Problem solving skills. If you leave well-known paths without problems, you will find solutions for even the most complex problems.

If you are spontaneous, you use them allResources at your disposal. This skill will take you further both in your job and in your personal life. Your friends are sure to be impressed and will be happy when you surprise them with a spontaneous action.

You show courage

Those who are spontaneous show courage. This is because spontaneity is often associated with leaving one's personal comfort zone. This is not always easy and costs a lot overcoming. If you are spontaneous more often, it becomes easier and easier for you. So, to a certain extent, you can get into the habit of being spontaneous.

However, you shouldn't be careless and only do certain things to impress others. Assess beforehand whether you might be putting yourself in danger with a spontaneous undertaking. If that's the case, you'd better refrain from it.

You are creative

Spontaneity makes you creative. If you don't think too much about certain things, some things will come naturally. Ideas arise and are discarded again. You can let your creativity run free and just try it out, whatever you feel like doing. This works especially well when your mind is free of any constraints.

You pull other people with you

If you often have spontaneous ideas, you definitely won't implement them on your own. Depending on how exciting and tempting an idea sounds, you're sure to pull your friends or family along with you. Usually spontaneity goes with one positive charisma hand in hand. This will also convince those who still have doubts at the beginning.

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