Add-on domains affect SEO

What are add-on domains?

Note: As part of the introduction of our new hosting packages, we no longer offer add-on domains. Only existing customers with a Plus or Business subscription can still order them.
What is an add-on domain?
What are the requirements for an add-on domain?
What can I use an add-on domain for?

What is an add-on domain?

An add-on domain is a separate domain name that you can add to the existing hosting subscription at

  • It gives you access to that same services like our starter package, without having to book additional web space.
  • You only pay for the annual domain fee, that does it significantly cheaper as a full hosting subscription.

What are the requirements for an add-on domain?

You can order as many add-on domains as you want, as long as:

  • The add-on domain is linked to an existing web space and uses the same email address for login.
  • They use a Professional Plus- or Business-Package.
Note: Add-on domains are not available in the starter and professional packages. However, upgrading to Professional Plus is worthwhile if you 4 or more Own domains.

What can I use an add-on domain for?

An add-on domain has the same functionality as a full hosting subscription. You can use it for the following purposes:

  • Create another website - You can create a second website with the website builder, add email addresses and create a gallery with One Photo. Although you use the available storage space of the web hosting package, each add-on domain has a separate web space with SFTP access.
  • Attract more visitors with one redirect - You can forward an addon domain to your existing website to generate more traffic. For example, register a domain with a common typo for your main domain. This way, visitors will still be directed to your website even though they misspelled your domain.
Tip: You can easily forward add-on domains to other domains that use the same control panel access. To do this, click in the control panel DNS settings, to be found under the tile Advanced settings. Then enter the target domain and click on to save.

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