What is the name of a group of penguins



What do penguins look like?

Although penguins are birds, they cannot fly: they use their wings to swim.

Penguins have a small head that flows smoothly into the plump body. The back is evenly covered with dark or black feathers. The belly is more light or white in color.

The feathers can be very dense: with 30,000 feathers, the emperor penguin has denser plumage than all other birds.

The wings of the penguins are long and flexible.

Their tails are short. Some penguins can be up to four feet tall.

Where do penguins live?

In the wild, penguins only live in the southern hemisphere. They occur in Antarctica and on the offshore islands. Also in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa, as well as on the Falkland and Galapagos Islands.

Penguins live mainly in water and prefer cold ocean currents. That is why they live on the coast of the countries or islands they inhabit.

They only go ashore for breeding or in severe storms.

However, penguins occasionally migrate far inland. Some species even lay their eggs there.

What types of penguins are there?

There are a total of 18 different species of penguin.


How do penguins live?

Penguins spend most of their time in the water. With the help of their powerful wings, they swim quickly through the water. Some penguins can reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour!

On land, penguins can only waddle. That looks pretty awkward. Nevertheless, they can cover great distances in this way.

When it gets too steep to waddle, lie on your stomach and slide downhill or push your feet first.

Friends and enemies of the penguin

Their black and white coloring protects the penguins in the water from enemy attacks: because from below, enemies who dive deeper can hardly see the penguins with their white belly against the sky. And from above, her dark back blurs with the dark depths of the sea.

Some species of seals hunt penguins. These include especially the leopard seals, but also the sea lions. Skuas, giant petrels, snakes and mice like to steal eggs from the nest or eat young birds.

Humans are also endangering penguins: the greenhouse effect shifts cold ocean currents, so that certain sections of the coast are lost as habitats.

How do penguins breed?

The breeding behavior of the different penguin species is very different. Often males and females spend the winter separately from each other and only meet again during the breeding season.

Some penguins are loyal and pair up for life.

All penguins breed in colonies. This means that many animals gather in one place and give birth to their young there together. In the case of the emperor penguins, the males hatch the eggs in their belly folds. Other penguins look for burrows, build nests or hollows.

When the cubs have hatched, they often gather in a kind of "penguin kindergarten", where all parents feed them together.

There are no land predators in the breeding areas of the Antarctic penguins. That is why the penguins lack the typical escape behavior.

Even when people approach, the animals do not run away.

How do penguins hunt?

Penguins sometimes cover 100 kilometers in the water when hunting. If they spot a school of fish, they swim straight into it, hooking a hook. They devour all animals they catch. Penguins try to grab the fish from behind. Her head jerks forward at lightning speed.

With a successful fishing trip, a king penguin can eat around 15 kilos of fish or collect it to feed the young.


What do penguins eat?

Penguins eat fish. Mostly they are small schooling fish and squids.

Big penguins also grab bigger fish.

Around the Antarctic, krill is also on the menu. These are small crabs that swim around there in huge schools.