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Ebay Classified Ads Optimization: 5 Tricks for Better Ad

Optimize my ad on Ebay classifieds? Nobody has heard of it yet. But it is possible. Today we're going to show you 5 tricks you can use to get a serious advantage over other ads. Yes, our methods may be a little sneaky, but perfectly legitimate. Best of all, both paying and non-paying advertisers can benefit from these tips.

One or the other might ask themselves: what good will it be for me to optimize my ad for classifieds?

  • More noticeable display
  • Better appearance of the ad
  • Higher CTR (click-through rate)
  • More potential customers
  • Higher prices / more inquiries

The advantages are clear: more money for your time. And since classified ads are naturally small, optimization is not particularly time-consuming. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to run a perfect eBay classifieds ad. And the best thing is: very few people know about the possibilities of Ebay classifieds optimization. That is what makes it particularly effective.

It hurts to find bad-titled ads on Ebay classifieds. The reason is: Ebay ONLY looks in your title for keywords for which you are shown in the search results!

I stress that your ad will ONLY appear in search results for words that are in your title. Anyone who wants a successful ad should therefore quickly think about what words people are looking for when they want to buy your product.

It is then important to incorporate as many of these words NATURALLY into your title as possible. Because please don't forget that people read your titles too. A title that is spammed with keywords does not offer any reason to click. Find the perfect balance between keywords and value proposition. You want to create a title that will be found and clicked with pleasure.

For people who offer services, this is more important than for people who just want to sell something. The former should accordingly place more emphasis on appealing titles, while the latter can add a few more keywords.


  • Create a title with no more than 60 characters (The maximum number of characters shown in desktop search results is 65, but mobile only 60.)
  • Pack yours 3-4 most important keywords in the title
  • Create one appealing title, with correct grammar and punctuation (including spaces).


  • Don't spam your title full of keywords
  • >>>>> Do not use strange characters or decorations. <<<<<

When creating your ad, not many keep in mind that the first 100 characters (at least for desktop users) will appear directly in search results. But this is a great way to make your ad more attractive and get more clicks.

The first sentences of your ad should therefore be used to name the advantages and special features of your product. So a good first sentence of your ad could be: "The camera is in good condition and is still taking razor-sharp pictures." A bad first sentence, on the other hand, would be: "I'm selling my old SLR here because my grandma has finally given me a new one."

Trick: perfectly adapt the sentence length to the search results

There is something special, mysterious about the first 99 characters of your ad. Ebay has built in a strange function that ensures that your sentences are always cut off in the middle. Using traditional methods, it is almost impossible to get a full sentence in the search results. Because no matter how you move the words back and forth, Ebay always cuts off in the middle of a sentence.

We made it anyway. By cleverly using this symbol:. Do you see it? No, this is not a space, but an invisible letter. The character is deep Unicode and is called “Figure space”. How to use this character to write the perfect first sentence:

  1. Write a sentence or two of 80-90 characters and end it with a punctuation mark.
  2. A space follows the punctuation mark.
  3. Insert invisible characters until your sentence is 90-99 characters.

You can use this tool to count the characters in your description.

This trick is a little tricky and requires a little experimentation. If you can't get it right, only trial and error will help.


  • The first 99 characters should describe features and benefits that are specific to YOUR product.
  • To catch the eye, a few special characters are allowed at the beginning of the text, such as “>>” or “->”.
  • Pay more attention to your spelling and grammar than usual.
  • Customize your sentence perfectly using invisible characters.


  • No empty sentences at the beginning: “I am selling my…” Do not repeat anything that you already mentioned in the title.

You have the option of uploading multiple images on Ebay classifieds. It is clear that you should use this function to upload your own high quality images of your product. But what is interesting is the choice of the image that should be displayed in the search results.

Pay special attention to mobile users! Because they only see a 200 × 150 pixel section of your image. This section is centered on your picture. So either make sure that the resulting section still shows something meaningful, or use a 200 × 150 image directly.


  • Adjust your main picture to a size of 200x150px at.
  • Use your logo or an original, high-quality close-up of your product in the search results.
  • Remember that most of the time, your images will appear small. Small details are therefore generally difficult to see.
  • Load up 4-5 high quality, self-made pictures Make your pictures against a clear background.


  • Do not use stock photos or other pictures from the Internet!
  • Don't leave your ad bare (without pictures)!

Customers want to know more about your product. Therefore write a detailed description with the most important information.

Product descriptions

  • How has your product been received?
  • What are the dimensions of your product (if relevant)
  • Is there still a guarantee?
  • Is the original invoice available?
  • Are there any additional accessories or similar included?
  • How should the contact take place?


  • What exact services do you offer?
  • What makes your performance better than that of others?
  • What special advantages do you offer?
  • What references do you have?
  • What is your website? Where can customers find out more about you?

Ebay Classifieds offers some promotions where you can increase the visibility of your ad for a fixed amount. Proper use of these promotions can make sense as the promotions are pretty cheap.

Top ads are very effective for long-term sellers. This will show you (alternating with other top ads) at the top of the search results and your ad will receive a “TOP” comment. With a top ad, you will be displayed at the top in roughly every 3rd to 5th search (depending on the competition factor of the keywords).

Repeated pushing up is effective when you want to sell your product quickly and with little work. Products pushed up naturally have high CTR and can get you to the people who want to make a quick purchase.

A combination of top ads and repeated pushing up is probably the most effective way to reach most people. Because this way you get both a top ad and a normal ad in the search results. But of course this is also the most expensive option and can be a poor return on investment.

The prices for the promotions depend on the category you have selected. For example, top ads in the services category cost € 18.95, while top ads in the fashion & beauty category only cost € 7.95. Since categories are not relevant to the search, you may be able to save by looking for a relevant category with cheaper prices. But you should be careful, as some categories allow special information that would improve your appearance in the search results.

We cannot recommend the gallery and highlight promotions - they only showed few results in our tests.