What's your favorite drink in the bar

11 bars that now provide you with delicious drinks

When was the last time you sat sadly at home because you couldn't go to your favorite bar with your favorite person and drink your favorite drink in the evening? We like this: last week! Now we are no longer sad, because we have received the good news that our favorite bars are now offering or even delivering drinks to go! Now at the end of the day we happily drink a Negroni from the Garçon bar, order pre-mixed cocktails from the Irkutsk salon home and enjoy spritz from the Fox. Supporting local stores in times of crisis has never been so nice!

© Nina Vogl Good drinks and beautiful people at Fox

Oh, the Fox. A bar that blends in perfectly with its surroundings of student charm and Munich-chic. Both the facility and the bar staff are somewhere between fucked up and stylish. In any case, it's nice to look at. There are high-quality drinks and changing specials for the mixed audience. What never changes, but always works: the blood stick. A 4cl shot of vodka, lemon juice and grenadine. Simple but effective. The same applies to the obligatory Liquid Cocaine, which you can drink here in a 4-pack for 12 euros!

© Nina Vogl Order award-winning drinks at the Zephyr

A herb garden on the counter and explosions of flavors in the glass - if you go to the Zephyrbar in Baaderstrasse, you should be prepared for a lot. Smoke above the bar, for example, which is the aromatic-fragrant result of smoked herbs, which are used by the bar manager Lukas and his team for the preparation. Here rosemary is flared “for the sake of the drink” and even ingredients such as apple cider vinegar or rose petals are not stopped. Please note: The award-winning bar menu and the unusual "glasses" designed by the talented graphic artist Chris. Drink in can? Why not!

© Bar Garçon Drink classic cocktails & liquid surprises in the Bar Garçon

The puristic Bar Garçon, only furnished with dark leather armchairs, a green-velvety window sill and a simple wooden spirits shelf, impresses with its high quality and sympathetic restraint. The owner Mario focuses on classic cocktails on the menu - by no means boring or old-fashioned, instead there are old fashioned and Negroni with a surprising twist or unusual ingredients. And since Mario likes to experiment and try new things, the menu changes regularly and always has one or the other liquid surprise ready. We also recommend the small, fine selection of open bottles to all wine lovers. Whether during the week or on the weekend - the Garçon is one of those bars that grow on your heart and that you want to come back to again and again. You can also have a wonderful aperitivo from 5 p.m. at the little tables in front of the bar!

© Nina Vogl Heisenberg Margarita and homemade liqueurs in Call Soul

If you don't know that Call Soul exists, you don't just stumble into it. This wonderful bar is located in the basement of a Schwabing house right by the English Garden. But what awaits you behind the door is a really big bar cinema. It's not for nothing that the bar crew regularly clears prices and has perhaps the best Google ratings in town. In the in-house distillery, liqueurs, gin and co. Are conjured up, which end up in the unusual and perfectly crafted drinks, which are then called Heisenberg Margarita or Burning Man. In addition, a great interior concept, a few really good dishes and an atmosphere that is cozy, relaxed but also professional at the same time. There!

Current info:
The Call Soul team is still there for you, just digitally and with a delivery service for unusual cocktail packages! Treat yourself to the Extraoridnary Cocktail Box with six different signature drinks or try the smaller version with three cocktails first. Deliveries are always Thursday to Saturday between 5pm and 10pm. You can order via email at [email protected] or by phone at 0176/19995413, then pay contactless via PayPay. There is also an extra treat with the online live courses, in which you will be initiated into the art of bartending. All utensils and ingredients are delivered to you and can then easily catapult your bar skills digitally to unimagined heights. You better call Call Soul!

© Ida Heinzel Eating and drinking pleasure with vermouth, vodka and pelmeni in the Irkutsk salon

In the past, the light panel in the Irkutsk salon read "Evening bistro for Franco-Slavophile drinking pleasure". There is still drinking pleasure here, but vermouth is now in the foreground! There is it here in all variations and an explanation of what wormwood actually is can be found on top of the order. The special thing about the shop is that between the simple wooden furniture, the turquoise blue wall and the bright red bar you actually feel like you are in a rustic corner bar in Irkutsk. The owner and the whole team are incredibly charming, you can fill your stomach with pelmeni, vareniki and homemade borscht, watch changing exhibitions and listen to live music such as French or Russian chansons. You should also try at least one glass of the house-infused vodkas, which are available in the craziest varieties from larch to pineapple.

© Nina Vogl Summer, sushi, sunshine at SAM sushi and meat in Westend

How happy we were in March 2018 when a whole new life came to the big restaurant at Ligsalzstrasse 30 in the middle of Westend. And not the next kebab pizza place, but a brand new sushi and ramen shop. It won us over not only with the fusion rolls and delicious soups, but also with its provisional charm. We only say: newspaper wallpaper! Then it was time for some construction work anyway, but a good three months later the SAM was back and - luckily - shone in its old, new splendor. The wallpaper has remained and the old windows have given way to new, open window fronts. The biggest treat, however, were the many outdoor spaces that were added and sweeten our summer from now on!

Current info:
The Sam has adjusted its opening times for the current situation and introduced a great online ordering system. You can choose your favorite dishes and either order them to be picked up or have all the fun delivered to your home within a radius of five kilometers. Current information is available on the website and on Instagram. Now there is also a bar from which you can take away unusual cocktails like the "Mama Hu" To Go! The summer anticipation increases!

© Rennbahn Schwabing Old furniture, new drinks & a mixed crowd in the Rennbahn Schwabing

The Schwabing racecourse can now look back on over 30 years of bar history in the legendary drugstore on Feilitzschstrasse. Although there was a breath of fresh air in the store in 2017 with a new operator, almost nothing has changed in terms of looks, because the old bartender Jörgl was still at the start. A couple of cocktails have been added to the menu, and the audience mixes wonderfully at the bar - long-established guests drink beer next to younger faces with gin and tonic in their hands. The racetrack is and will remain a really relaxed bar option in the middle of Alt-Schwabing.

Current info:
Unfortunately, the racetrack also has to remain closed, but the team delivers cocktails, drinks and face masks from Unfair Athletics right to our doorstep - someone is up to date! You can order until Friday 6 p.m., delivery will then be made on Saturday. The order goes through their website, there you can also see what they have in stock. This is, for example, strawberry lime in a 0.25 liter bottle for 8.50 euros or Mexicans in a 0.25 liter bottle for the same price.

© Schall & Rauch Eat and drink close to the university at Schall & Rauch

A short after-work beer or two or three tumbled straight out of the university. The Schall und Rauch is ideally suited for this. The small restaurant is located directly on Schellingstrasse in Maxvorstadt and turns into a bar in the course of the evening. During the day, the Indian chef conjures up delicious wraps as well as Kasspatzen. In the evening, students gather with beer and drinks in front of the small shop, which opens its window front until 11 p.m. in summer. Then it gets cozy inside.

Current info:
Schall & Rauch has now set up a to-go service. You will get food, cold non-alcoholic drinks and of course cocktails at the window! You can find the current map on Instagram. They are open daily from 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.!

© Anja Schauberger High-quality cuisine & cocktails without Munich Schickeria in the fork game

The fork game in Obergiesing is the culinary best new discovery of the past year. The small restaurant on Silberhornstrasse is not cheap, but worth every euro. The shop is run by Sabrina and Florian, who previously cooked and worked at Tantris. The Gabelspiel not only has what is probably the highest quality cuisine in the whole district, but also manages to treat yourself to something good without the Munich crowd. So nice, delicious and down to earth - go there! In addition, you sit here very intimate and nice, because there are only 20 seats - in summer there is also a small terrace in the backyard.

Current info:
The Vom Gabelspiel team has come up with something very special, because here there is now star cuisine for your home. The fork game box contains a three-course menu for two and costs a fair 75 euros. The menu changes every week, the dishes are pre-cooked and packaged in components so that you can simply warm them up at home following the instructions. You can simply pre-order online and then pick up the box on site, and there is also a small selection of suitable wines. You can also order fancy cocktails! A delivery is possible by arrangement and for an additional charge of ten euros.

© Ménage Bar | Order Gerhard Büttner peanut butter bourbon & cardamom whiskey in the Ménage Bar

Visiting the Ménage Bar is a bit like coming home - living room atmosphere, small and cozy. In the middle of the Glockenbachviertel and still a bit away from the hustle and bustle of hipsters: Johannes Möhring and René Soffner's bar has been open since the end of December 2018 with sophisticated drinks and at least just as perfectly balanced food. Anyone looking for 300 different spirits will not find them here - exactly one gin and tonic is served in the Ménage Bar: minimalism at its best. The menu includes pigeon, “Spanish toast” made from brioche, chorizo ​​and fried egg or “sexy broccoli”. If you want to treat yourself to fine drinks, it is best to reserve in advance.

© Mobile Mixerei Get ready-made cocktails from the Mobile Mixerei

The Mobile Mixerei races through the city with its converted, old market cart and usually entertains guests with drinks at events. Since that is not possible at the moment, you can order cocktails privately from them and have them delivered. The menu includes classics such as Cosmopolitan or Sex on the Beach. You simply order by 5 p.m. on the website and your cocktails will then be delivered from 6 p.m.!

  • Mobile blender
  • On the go with her converted delivery van anywhere in the city.
  • Daily: order by 5 p.m. & delivery: from 6 p.m.
  • Cocktails from 7 euros, minimum order value: 25 euros, delivery costs: 2 euros
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