Should I get Vibram FiveFingers

V-Trek by Vibram five fingers © U.Poller / W. Dead

The special:The V-Trek shoes by Vibram five fingers belong to the group of barefoot shoes: They offer protection thanks to the stable sole, but otherwise allow the same sensation as when walking barefoot. A special gag of the “five fingers series”: every toe has its own “finger”.

The quick test: The V-Trek is a minimalist toe shoe that was specially developed for hiking, but also for traveling. Thanks to Vibram Metagrip, the 4 mm thick sole offers excellent grip on almost all surfaces, whether dry or wet. A PU midsole with a minimalist design gently cushions hard impacts. The upper material of the shoe consists of an innovative material mix of 50% synthetic fiber and 50% natural fiber (wool). Both materials contribute important properties. The shoe is sufficiently robust and abrasion-resistant, but at the same time offers a pleasant foot climate, good heat regulation and natural odor control. In practice, the greatest difficulty is putting on the shoes, which is significantly more time-consuming than simply slipping into a "normal" shoe. It is a good idea to buy special toe socks in addition to shoes. If you have threaded all 10 toes, the easy-to-use lacing ensures that the shoe fits snugly on the foot. Running is actually very reminiscent of walking barefoot, although not every sharp stone can be felt thanks to the sole. Running is most fun on natural surfaces, but long asphalt stretches can lead to fatigue and a slight burning sensation on the soles of the feet (depending on how you get used to it).

Conclusion:Barefoot shoes like the V-Trek offer a very pristine walking sensation, as the arch of the foot and the ankle are not supported. Important, especially for beginners: if you are always on the move with comfortable shoes, you shouldn't overdo it at first, because the barefoot shoes challenge (and train) the foot and leg muscles in an unfamiliar way. Depending on your personal fitness, the V-Trek are particularly suitable for hikes in easy to moderate terrain, ideally on grassy, ​​springy paths.

Weight: 290 g / pair (unisex size 40)

Price: € 129.90


Dr. Ulrike Poller & Dr. Wolfgang Todt