What is the easiest video editing app

Apps / software 5 apps for video editing


You can edit recorded clips not only on your computer, but also on your mobile phone. All you need is a video editor. Here is an overview of five different video editing apps. You can easily record clips on your smartphone, edit them there and, for example, put them online via the YouTube app. The annoying transferring to the computer is no longer necessary.


FilmoraGo is a video editing app for Android and iOS. A big advantage: The functionality may not be complete in the free version, but there is no watermark over the video during editing. The basic functions of the app are always sufficient to use simple editing such as cutting, joining and effects. Templates within the app can also help with editing. Premium functions can be purchased in the app for € 1.99.

Film Maker Pro

This app offers you a whole range of creative possibilities. From film effects and transitions to texts and emojis to filters, everything is available. Of course, videos can also be shortened or multiple clips can be cut together. The app is available for iOS and Android. In the free version, a watermark is unfortunately placed on the video. A version of the app without a watermark costs € 3.09. If you want to use the full version, which has even more functions in addition to the missing watermark, you have to pay € 11.99.

iMovie (iPhone)

The "iMovie" app is already available on every iOS-based system. It is internal to the system and free of charge. Unfortunately there is no official version for Android. Videos can be edited without any watermark. For example, videos can be cut or multiple clips can be merged. It is also possible to use filters or insert background music. Thanks to the optimal networking of Apple products, videos can be uploaded directly to the iCloud or streamed via AirPlay.



The InShot app is free in its basic version. Additional functions can be purchased via a monthly subscription for less than € 1 per month or a one-time full price payment of € 28.99. However, these are not necessary for simple video editing. You can split a video clip into several sequences or combine several clips into a longer video. Of course, filters and even emojis are also involved here. You can insert text or adjust the playback speed. The video editor InShot is available for both Android and iPhone.



PowerDirector is available as a version for the computer and as a smartphone version for Android and iOS. Videos can be easily cut and edited using a timeline. The app is free and offers the full range of functions: filter, cut, merge, insert text ... Everything is possible! The only disadvantage of PowerDirector: In the free version, a watermark is always automatically inserted. The full version can be purchased for a one-time fee of € 5.99 - and the watermark disappears.