How did Heinrich Schmieder die

Heinrich Schmieder Tragic death at 40

He was a well-trained, sporty guy who loved to ride mountain bikes in his spare time: the actor Heinrich Schmieder (“Tatort”, “Dead Man”) was found dead in his hotel room in Livigno, Italy this morning. The 40-year-old took part in the “Craft Bike Transalp” bike race in Italy. A teammate found the actor lifeless in his bed. The cause of death is still unclear. “At this point in time, we cannot provide any further information on the exact time and cause of death,” said Uli Stanciu, race director of the “13. Craft Bike Transalp ”, which runs from July 17th to 24th. “We are shocked by this tragic news. We feel with the family and relatives of Schmieder, to whom we extend our deep condolences, ”said the organizer. Heinrich Schmieder last lived in Munich with his wife and two children. The actor, who was born in 1970 in Schwäbisch Hall, became known through TV roles, including in the “Bubi Scholz Story” alongside Benno Fürmann or in the Bremen “Tatort” alongside Sabine Postel. Schmieder was seen as SS man Rochus Misch in Oliver Hirschbiegel's Hitler drama “Der Untergang”. In addition, the wiry man with the steel-blue eyes was often on the stage, for example at the Stadttheater Augsburg and at the Mayen Castle Festival. It is already the second tragic death of a comparatively young actor in recent weeks. On June 23rd, Frank Giering ("Funny Games") died in Berlin at the age of only 38 years.