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Alexander Kluge yearbook.

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Encyclopedist, »Chronicler of the Century«, »Narrator of Critical Theory«, »the only one ... more

Encyclopedist, “chronicler of the century”, “narrator of critical theory”, “the only large-scale project maker we have today” (Habermas) - these are the professional titles that Alexander Kluge has been given in recent decades. These are attempts at orientation in view of an oeuvre of literary, filmic, theoretical and televisual works, which over the decades has grown into a structure that can hardly be surveyed. The Alexander Kluge yearbook will - through the publication of new texts by the author - map the further history of the work, present the results of international Kluge research and documents from earlier work phases and thus provide insights into Kluge's way of working. Each volume will contain an updated bibliography of primary and research literature and videography.

Alexander Kluge yearbook.
The Poetic Power of Theory
For Alexander Kluge, "the poetic power of theory" refers less to pure "philosophy" or the separate "pleasure in thinking" than to the ancient Greek practice of "theoria". As the ancient theorist called ...
Of sense (s) and feelings
The fifth volume of the Alexander Kluge yearbook attempts to measure the author's "pluriverse" in its "universal sense". He explores the connections and breaks between worlds of meaning and senses, times of feeling and feelings of time ...
Keyword: cooperation
In Capital, Marx speaks of the animal spirits. You wake up when people are spatially together. An audience is by no means the mere sum of individuals. The most important thing happens between the ...
Form world of dialogue
Alexander Kluge's multimedia work (film, television, theory and literature) can be understood as a model case of self-reflective authorship. This is created by a specific gesture of citing foreign materials, which - ...
Glass shards
Adorno characterized Critical Theory as a message in a bottle in 1940 when the exiled Frankfurt School's sphere of influence was an ocean away from the catastrophes of fascism it sought to fight. Turning Adorno’s metaphor on its head ...
Mixed messages
Among other titles, Alexander Kluge has been described over the course of the past few decades by colleagues, critics and academics as an encyclopedist, a “chronicler of the century”, “narrator of critical theory”, or the “only ...
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