What helps to regrow thinning hair

Thin hair

What helps with thin hair?

Very thin hair usually lies flat on the head, so that it quickly looks greasy. Genes determine whether the hair is thin or thick, curly or straight. So there is nothing that can be done about that and there is no magic bullet that can be used to make thin hair thicker.

But what helps against thin hair? The modern art of hairdressing has a few tricks in its repertoire to make thin hair look at least voluminous. For example, when it comes to fine hair, professionals advise:

  • Smart short hairstyles can hide thin hair. It is best to seek advice from your hairdresser.
  • Styling products such as mousse and blow dryer lotions can add volume to fine hair.
  • Use special shampoos for thin hair. These don't weigh the hair down, so it falls airy and loose.
  • Correct blow-drying brings volume into the hair - blow-dry the hair first overhead, then strand by strand with the help of a round brush.
  • Steer clear of creamy conditioners and treatments. They weigh down the hair so that it quickly appears limp and limp.

Thin hair - causes

The reason for thin hair is not always genetic. Various factors lead to thin hair over the course of life. Advancing age often plays a role, but a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance also favor thinning hair.

Always see a doctor first if you notice your hair is thinning.

Thin hair in old age

Sometimes you notice that what was once thick hair suddenly thins out. One reason may be increasing age, because not only in men, but also in women, the hair then naturally becomes finer.

Thin hair due to a lack of vitamins

Hair needs certain nutrients, which it absorbs from the hair roots. If you don't get enough of them, they can appear thin and brittle. Important hair suppliers are iron, zinc, selenium, copper and calcium - but also essential fatty acids and protein. Of the vitamins, A, C, E, H and the B vitamins in particular have an impact on the hair. If you want to do your hair good, you should get enough of these nutrients through food. If you want to use dietary supplements, talk to your doctor about them beforehand - overdosing them can even be harmful.

Thyroid and hormonal changes

Another reason for thin hair or even hair loss can be an over or underactive thyroid. If you suspect the disease, you should contact your family doctor. In addition, hormonal changes can affect the hair structure in women, for example during pregnancy or during the menopause. But also certain medications are sometimes responsible for thinning hair.

Thin hair from a medical point of view

Scientists speak of thin hair when the diameter of a single hair is no more than 0.04 millimeters. 0.05 to 0.07 millimeters are normal. Blondes in particular struggle with it, because light hair is generally thinner than dark.

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