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Friends of the Wolfsburg Clinic e.V.Nonprofit organization

Due to the current situation, the association urgently asks for donations to purchase additional protective measures for patients and employees of the clinic. More information under Current!

Until November 25th was still running our crowdfunding campaign in favor of

Baby sleeping bags for the newborns

The association thanks the supporters on behalf of the children's clinic:

All information about this at:


We are grateful for any suggestions or suggestions that can further improve the patient's stay in the clinic.

For planned new projects we are looking for your financial support as(also part of) sponsors?For:

  • Materials tooHeart pillow for women after breast cancer (approx. € 300)

These pillows should be handed over by the nursing staff to all patients at the women's clinic who are being treated for breast cancer. Apart from the relieving position in the armpit, most owners of this heart pillow will not want to do without this heart pillow in the future after the experience of the last 2 years and build a strong emotional relationship with it.

  • Plush rust animals for children in the emergency room (5 € / piece, "annual requirement" 500 animals)

They help the little patients to better endure the initial shock of the illness - also during their stay in the hospital. Many young adults have an intimate relationship with "their" comfort animal even after years ...

In the next few weeks we will start a new one Crowdfunding for more comfort animals. We'll start advertising soon.

  • Recliner lift wheelchairfor patients in neurology (€ 8,321)

Patients with neurological deficits often lie there for a long time and are affected by immobility. An electrically infinitely adjustable reclining lift wheelchair enables the sitting position from lying down to upright sitting. The advantage lies in a reduction in pain when straightening up, greater independence for the patient and, in addition, a back-friendly way of working would be possible for the nursing staff.