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Why didn't River know what was going to happen to The Doctor at Lake Silencio?

I think this timeline will help determine what happened:

River Song shoots the Doctor at the appointed time after he was kidnapped by Madame Kovarian and the Silence and tucked into the astronaut's suit. This is a post-tune incarnation so she has already met the doctor and already knows him.

However, the two do not meet in a perfect back-and-forth order. The relevant example is River Song's meeting with the Doctor for the first time as Mel, as this obviously happens at other times between the Doctor's meetings with River Song.

This exception is the timeline you're interested in:

  • Melody meets the Doctor, regenerates to River Song, kills the Doctor with the kiss, gives her the remaining regenerations to save him, and then enrolls at Luna University (Let's Kill Hitler).
  • River graduates from university and is seized with silence. (End of closing time)
  • River appears in an astronaut suit and shoots the doctor. (The Impossible Astronaut / The Wedding of the River Song)

This timeline is independent and precedes the other River / Doctor meetings. There may have been meetings between the first two points above, but it is unlikely because, as you point out and Steven Moffatt confirms (Doctor Who Confidential: The River Song Wedding):

She did her adventures roughly, by and large, in reverse order to the Doctor.

As a result, River doesn't know that the Doctor can't die there. After all, he would not have revealed this fact to her ("Spoilers!"), As far as she knows, the version of the Doctor that killed (or is about to kill) her is the final version of the Doctor.

If this makes your head like mine, just think of "contemporary stuff" and admire this alternate take on their timeline:


Is there a larger version of the timeline that you can link to?

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@ Xantec: just open the picture yourself, it's big enough to read.


Caveat: I'm not either, but I love the second one. Especially the David Tennant cameo.


In "The Wedding of River Song" River explains her timeline herself.