Are you done here

you are not finished yetseeing that you are not readyyou are not finished yetsinceyouarenotreadyyou areyou areIs it you?Itisyou?Where are you?Where are you?you are notyouarenotyou are crazyyouarenutsYou are my lifesaver.Yousavedmylife.How old are you?How old are you?dubistein splendid guyyouareabrickdubist / had beenyouhave / hadbeennow it's your turnnowtheballisinyourcourt(Are you) little men or women?MORF: (Areyou) maleorfemale?I hope you are well.Ihopeyouarewell.What industry are you in?Whatlineareyouin?Well, you're here!Fancymeetingyouhere!You are a fine friend!Afinefriendyouare!DubistwohlausDummsdorf! (coll.)Youmustbestupid!You are probably not very clever.Youmustbeoutofyourmind.Where are you in the world?WITWAY: Whereintheworldareyou?The work for today is done, earned againanotherday, anotherdollarWhat you can do today that will not move tomorrow.Astitchintimesavesnine.What you can do today that will not move tomorrow.Neverputofftilltomorrowwhatyoucandotoday.What you can do today that will not move tomorrow.Procrastinationist thief be (I am, dubist, heist, we are, you are, you are)to beaufDuundDstand (with)tohobnob (with)This work should (according to the schedule) be finished in 6 months.Thisworkisscheduledforcompletionin6months.You had to be rich at both of your many jobs.Youshouldbeloaded (wealthy) bynowconsideringallyourwork.[ ]required workSurcharge for additionalmarket-if-touchedorders (MIT)Course-touched orders